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Efrain Rivas

Top 6 Misunderstandings about Car Rust Proofing That Need to Go Away

Efrain Rivas

Everybody would like to have their car maintained properly with new look and good resale value. You are also no exception. Unfortunately, cars are made up of metals and steel which make them prone to rust. It is something that is inevitable because rust gets developed based on many factors which are beyond our control. There are many misconceptions surrounding rust and rust proofing that may give you a wrong idea about them. These misconceptions are given below,

- Rust Proofing In Cars Are Not Done After Rust Appears

If your car was affected by rust, Rust proofing can be done to avoid the rust getting spread to other parts. This can slow down the corrosive process and save those parts you still have left.

- Rust Proofing Should Be Avoided During Winter

People used to avoid rust proofing jobs at winter because of the moist and salty environment. Salt when gets combined with moisture serves as a catalyst to the corrosion process which can severely affect your vehicle if it is unprotected. As long you clean the car thoroughly and get rid of the salt, rust proofing application can still be done. It is also recommended better to apply it before the winter starts.

- Rust Proofing Should Be Done Annually

This is a wrong assumption. Rust proofing can withstand for years. In fact, best rust proofing jobs can last up to 10 years depending on the condition of the vehicle.

- Rust Cannot Be Repaired

If caught on earlier stages, the progress of rust can still be halted. It still depends on where and how far the rust is spread. If left unchecked, rust becomes irreparable and the damage is irreversible.

- New Cars Does Not Require Rust Proofing

False! New cars are usually made of galvanized steel and there are widespread rumors that it provides protection against rust. Galvanized steel consists of prefabricated sheets of steel coated with zinc to prevent rusting. But to meet the specifications of the car design, the steel undergoes the process of welding, drilling and fitting. These processes make the steel to become stretched and worn which makes them more vulnerable.

These misconceptions keep your vehicle in danger and can lead you to lose a large amount of money in future. Keep yourself well informed about Rust proofing and protect your car from rust.

The author has been a car mechanic for more than 10 years. Also, he is the owner of few blogs about the automotive industry, car maintenance and more. This article elucidates the most popular misconceptions about rust proofing in cars. Visit

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