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Edwin Otieno


A problem half shared is half solved. Sometimes we feel like inhibiting the trivial challenges that life impose on us without willing to share it with those around us. May be sometimes we have a feeling like those next to us might not offer the best solutions to our problems, or if they will, they'll rumor it with our adversaries who will always be waiting to hear about our downfall. However, it should be realized that sometimes its better to share a problem with that person next to you because from sharing you might come to realize that whatever the challenges, the problems you face, some are bigger out there. some worse than your case. This realization would in turn be a breakthrough as you'll realize that challenges are part of this life and how we face and fight these challenges really matters.
However having an interrogating mind when sharing out your problems to confidants can save you a great deal from false friends that would better see you fall or faced with a humiliating situation in life. There is need to really identify with those nourishing friends that would bring the best out of you and do away with the toxic lot that would rather see you suffer that stride the ladder of success, yet they claim to be your closest friends.

Friends are those that would sail with you through that murky water of uncertainties to an oasis of life's unending reward of success.
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Edwin Otieno
05/17/2014 18:02:50
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Ranjeet Singh
Ranjeet Singh Its the truth. You hardly share your problems with others because sometime your friends increase your problems instead of helping you. But it help you to find right friend. In a world of billion people you can hardly find some best friends. It also depends on your behavior as well as how you treat them. If you want good friends then be good first.
05/17/2014 12:37:38
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