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Jay Viradiya

Google Self-Driving Car Project about to invite Revolution in Technology

Jay Viradiya
The time is about to arrive for a drastic change in human lives- through arrival of Google Era where artificial intelligence is about to advance to a unbeatable level. Yes! The Google Era; its not just about Google Glass or Search Engine, its about the technology through which Goddess Google promises to minimize- in fact eliminate the fatal Traffic-Accidents. The Google Car is the next giant incoming on the road. Driver-less, Autonomous vehicle, Auto-drive and Self-driving Car are some of the reference to ‘The Google Self-Driving Car Project’.

This Google Project was initiated in 2009 where plans were about the auto-drivers in freeway but with the support of advancement in technology the project is presently at the near future deployment phase- in the market across the city streets!!

The Last year was very busy for undertakers of ‘The Google Self-Driving Car Project’- where test and analysis were continuously performed for its deployment on the streets and The Google Cars were trained to deal with traffic entities like cyclist, traffic signals, pedestrians, intersections and all the possible Rules, threats and circumstances.

The Google Car Model- According to Techcrunch, equips several modules which helps the car to sail on the streets. These Modules include the installed Laser Radar Sensor mounted on the top the car which is mechanized to continuously Spin 180 degrees at the speed of 8-10 spins per second- creating a virtual real-time vision of the surroundings for the processor that is situated on the car for eventuating decisions.
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