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Mariella Augello

Dare To Try

Mariella Augello
Ask yourself, for whatever reason it could be, “Why won’t I do it? Really, why?” Is it because it is actually difficult, or is it because we are afraid to do it? Afraid of the unknown, afraid of failure, afraid...

I sometimes ask myself what “difficult” really means. Because I have tried it once and failed, because someone else has tried it and told me it is “difficult”, because you know someone or a couple of people who failed at it? Well, you will never really know, will you? Most of the time we are too afraid of the unknown that things or situations become “difficult” even before we try them, rationalising, analyzing, and asking around just to confirm and reassure ourselves of how “difficult” it is.

The odds of the unknown are always unknown but, if you dare something the odds change and you have a chance of getting it right or failing, one of the two. On the other hand, if you do not even dare, then there is only one guaranteed and assured outcome, failure.

The most rational and convincing reason we give ourselves is always, I can’t afford to fail. I have too much to lose, I have so much at stake, I just can’t. Fair enough. How did we gain whatever we are afraid to lose in the first place, is it not by trying? So you can’t afford not to try! You owe it to yourself.

Everything, the world over, was first stated by someone daring to try. Change, progress, and growth are themselves made up of little dares that started with someone believing in themselves. To achieve anything we want in life we need to have the courage to dare to fail.

Failures will always be there; in fact failure should be encouraged because you are only as successful as your worst failure. Fail, get it over with, learn from that, and then move on. I failed because I did this and this, or I didn’t do this and that, so this time I will avoid this and do a lot of that.

A few failures, and even fewer achievements, of one of the most renowned president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

1831-Lost his job.
1832-Defeated running for state legislature.
1833-Failed in business.
1834-Elected to state legislature.
1835-Sweetheart died.
1836-Had a nervous breakdown.
1838-Defeated in run for House Speaker.
1843-Defeated in run for nomination for Congress.
1846-Elected to Congress.
1848-Lost re-nomination.
1854-Defeated in run for Senate.
1856-Defeated in run for nomination for Vice President.
1858-Again Defeated in run for Senate.
1860-Elected President .

Point to think about:

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult – Seneca.

Live truly,live fully...


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