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Jay Viradiya

Jabra Sole-mate Bluetooth Speaker Reroute’s the Audio-Gadget World

Jay Viradiya
Monitoring the rising craze and desires of music lovers, some firms are coming up with wireless devised speakers to enable the music on the go, though there is diversity in sound quality that splits the brands of such gadgets from each other. Jabra Solemate Bluetooth Speaker is the new-born audio-craze in the market for the music lovers- the real music lovers who can understand difference between sound qualities -and Jabra Solemate is fantastic in sound-quality qualifications.

Jabra Solemate is a compact cabinet of 6.8 x 2.5 x 2.7 inches- vibrant Bluetooth Speakers with gorgeous rugged design emitting prudent sound acquiring excellent portability of a huge sound. The rugged-built of Jabra Solemate insulates itself from Shocks, Water and Dust. It is powered with Dolby® Sound that enhances the class of music or audio shared on the go- beating the Jawbone’s Jambox!

The hardware of Jabra Solemate is parked with 3.0 version of Bluetooth module which holds the capacity to pair automatically within the memory limit of remembering 8 paired devices and stream music from a paired Bluetooth enabled device such as tablet, Smartphone or laptop besides which NFC (Near Field Communications) is wildly supported- enabling smooth pair-up functionality between 2- devices which are in warm proximity to each other though it is not supported for AVRCP i.e. users cannot control music from Solemate. Moreover with respect to conversation the Jabra Solemate holds DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology that optimizes the sound at the output digitally- quenching the echoes.

The efficient battery tends to power-up entire hardware that includes microphone with Omni directional noise filter that suppresses the background noise while utilizing time in conversation from the maximum limit of 10 hours talk time and charged through Micro USB port stationed below the Line-in port for supporting Bluetooth-less devices. Moreover the battery ensures the stand-by time of 560 hours and Music-Play time of 8 hours after a single thorough charge and the leftover time is revealed by battery status indicator.

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