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Ethan Carter

How I get all my stuff....

Ethan Carter
To get my stuff, I trade up on craigslist. Craigslist is an online classifieds is also and much more cities avaible. I started with $80 and made my way up by buying stuff, selling it for a profit, or trading it for an item that has more value. You may be asking yourself, "Why would someone do that?". Well, say someone has a really expensive computer but they want an Xbox One...Well, an Xbox One is worth about $500 and say their computer is worth $700...You see how it works. Selling things for a profit is also a good way to make money. Say I buy an Xbox 360 (real scenario) for $80 and I resell it for $140..I just made a quick $60. I can then go buy something for $140 and sell that and make a profit. Cool huh? One of the best parts to this is that I get to use the thing I have until I sell it. How do I get ahold of this stuff? Easy. Since you pick a local city on Craigslist to shop around on, you are able to meet the people in person. Sometimes the people meet me in Sulphur, sometimes they meet me in Beaumont Texas, etc. How would I get to Beaumont? I pay my parents gas and if they dont have anything to do then they are (most the time) more then happy to take me. So I hope this answered a lot of your questions! Thanks for looking.
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