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Josh Martin

A guide to buying Good Quality Garage Doors

Josh Martin

Garage doors have become an indispensible element in houses today owing to its trendy looks, cost-effective prices and efficient functionality. Discovering and installing the right garage doors can enhance your home’s curb appeal, which further improves its appearance and value. If you are looking to install or replace garage doors, this guide would help you out.

Know the Types

Basically, there are 4 types of garage doors: swing up, swing out, roll up and slide to side. The most demanded option is the roll-up garage door. The swing-out garage door is also an option worth considering if you want to instill a distinct look to your house.

Choosing the Style

Always pick a garage door that matches with the style of your home. For instance, installing a wooden garage door would go well with a traditional house. Different styles of garage doors, both traditional and modern, would incorporate trims, panels and other decorative detailing. Those that are made with true panels and frames are more robust than the ones which just have decorative detailing glued to it.

Garage Door Materials

Listed below are the three popular types of garage door materials.

Steel: Steel garage doors are quite famous as they are inexpensive and tough at the same time. Bare steel however are prone to rest and can be subjected to dents as well. Choosing steel doors with sturdy 24 or 25-gauge panels can minimize the risk of dents or rusts.

Wood: Wooden garage doors are one of a kind in a way that they create an alluring look like no other. Such doors are available in any size and are very sturdy as well. Wooden doors are available in a wide range of prices as well.

Aluminum: If you are considering an extra-wide double door, aluminum would make a great choice. These doors are now available with dent-resistant panels and robust frames. Aluminum garage doors are lightweight as well.

Insulated Garage Doors

Always consider investing in a garage door that is insulated. Insulated garage doors are more durable and also exhibit a finished look.

Safety Tips

After opting for a garage door of your choice, you are held accountable for its safety. Here are a few tips to keep your garage door safe and functioning:

1.Installing a garage door opener might be easier than installing garage doors itself, however improper installation can be dangerous. It is always advisable to seek a professional help.

2.Springs are the most important part of your garage door and they wear out over time. It can be very dangerous in circumstances when they break. Hence have them inspected by a professional routinely and replace them accordingly.

3.Garage doors are operated every day, which means that its parts might wear out and possibly break sooner than you think. Hence it is imperative to schedule regular maintenance checks by a professional.

With variety of options for you to choose from, make a thorough analysis of your needs and budget before buying garage doors.

The author, who is presently working in a garage door repairs firm, has been writing several articles and blogs on home improvement for 5 years. His expertise on garage doors is noted in various publications. Visit

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