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Muthu GV


Muthu GV
I am managing an IT organization with the team size of 35. We are working as offshore technology partners, for our U.S clients. My question is about how to retain good employees.

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Employee retention is an important issue for many startups – and even in any size organization. I see, the primary reason is – the vision of the organization or the startup’s owner is not mapped with the employee’s vision and his expectations. The resources, normally they work for money, and career growth. The challenge of employee retention can be managed by many channels – but you have to experiment your approaches for each individual – because everyone is unique in his expectations. Rewards are an important part of successful employee retention process, but they must be rewards the employees want. Communication is the key factor here. I recommend listening to your employees and ask them. Sometimes their expectations are simple. We discussed about mismatching visions – communication can help here a lot. Bring up your employee’s visions to your level by giving them the opportunity to experience your dreams – and make sure you appreciate them whenever your team cross a successful milestone. Under no circumstances, show the negative emotions in front of your team. They will never respect you. Our positive attitude and behavior helps them to trust us, and in our visions.
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