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Marshall Miller

Top rules of Good UI Design to follow on Every Web Design Project

Marshall Miller

 27 May 16 By Sujata Rules of Good UI Design to follow on Web Design Project 0 Comments

UX. Do not neglect UI, thinking it is not important for your site. It plays a significant role to make or break your web solution.

You need to concentrate on arrangements, contents, navigation and coordination with designers as well as developers. This includes the overall design of a complete experience from beginning to the conclusion.

To develop a better interface, UI designer should depend on the information from the user experience perspective like identifying to solve arising problems, the way user flow is being used and to determine the main product area and hierarchy. Perfectly, if you work wisely on the interface, you can carry out properly. After that, mockups will be created, tested and accepted by UX designers. This way product will be commenced without any trouble.


2. Give more priority to black and white

Earlier than adding colour will simplify the most difficult component of visual design and compels you to concentrate on spacing and laying out the components.

Today, UX designers are truly into responsive web design. Here, you might think how pages and interactions are performed on a mobile device before visualizing them in the desktops. This kind of constraint is good as it clarify the thinking. You begin with the difficult issue and then take on the solution to the handy issues.

For a good result, better design black and white at first. Begin with the difficult problem for beautiful and usable app without taking help of the colour. Better add colour at last with some purpose.

This is consistent and the useful approach to keep the appearance of apps clean and simple. Using too many colours in different places can screw up your design. Go for black and white as it allows you to focus the things such as spacing, size, and outline design. These are the primary concern of clean and simple layout.


3. Recognize your audience

You design a website for your audience right? So, better recognize the type of audience you want to focus. Better take into some crucial insight about designing a fantastic interface. If you are looking for the procedures to launch the website, you should have concept about the requirement of your potential audiences. Think about, what they want from your business website.

You must have a clear image of the necessities that pulls visitors towards your web solution. If you get confused, better look at your competitor’s website and analyse the defects and work on it.

Designing a comfortable design pattern for users can be helpful. This also helps to get attention and bring crowds of visitors towards your website. Once you recognize your audience, you can analyse how your design is influencing them. Make sure you get the feedback as feedback from your audiences is valuable to improve your site.


4. Focus on simple and consistent things

The trademark of a superior interface is simplicity and consistency. Yet, this does not say to stick on a button or the animation. It means go for the simple and interacting website. Focus on the easy navigation design so that your users can explore to every page with no trouble. It is your responsibility to guide them and make easy to get you.

To carry out this, make use of different vital components. Those vital components are colours, typography, feedback message and visual hierarchy. Including all these components will make your design better with great usability.

Besides, try to make interfaces consistent all over the design. This indicates you are working well on the interface. When your audience visits your website, make them easy to browse more and more.


5. Make proper use of typography

Typography is another graceful way of developing a visual hierarchy. It is important to make proper use of typography. Do not take it lightly, as picking up nice font is not easy. It is more challenging to use it all over your design. Remember, every font holds different personality. Your favoured font should influence your audience as well.

Size really matters and is the major component to use the fonts in design. Some essential information like headers is emphasized. Using the size according to the type of heading is essential. Also, you can use reverse type to make the appearance of text better.


Wrapping Up,

These are some effective rules of Good UI Design to follow on every web design project. If you think some essential points are missing, you can provide them in the comments below. We will appreciate the comments from you.

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