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Jay Viradiya

The foldable and chainless Electric Bike- “JiveBike” About To Exist on Earth

Jay Viradiya
Health issues of human and environment are on the incremental way where calories for human are main cause for health issues and global warming- the major issue for environmental health, hence technology has over-come these issues through a single electro-mechanical travel machine- An E-bike christened as Jive Electric bike with both electric and mechanic support.

So the fantasy is that you won’t need any petroleum product that would tend to pollute the air causing global warming- on other hand electro-mechanical part would enable cheap traveling and moreover it has mechanical pedals like ordinary bicycles that would help to burn some calories and furthermore it’s a pedaling bike without exposure to chain as the chain is hidden within the frames allowing enhancement to durability though greasing is required once in a year which is done by authorized service centers for free!

The semblance of Jive electric bike is a bit diversified from other ordinary bikes- where center-cord bar is at lower altitude which consist of inner stationed batteries and CPU that runs the unified parade which allows the Jive Bike to run for 30 Kilometers at full throttle after 2 hours of battery feed, though the maximum speed of travel is limited at 25 kilometers per hour.

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