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Gaurav Sharma

Top 10 things you want to buy this super CRAZY way

Gaurav Sharma
You will not believe what a crazy idea this is turning out to be.

90 days ago, this all started with a incident when a group of young students were denied entry into a pub. The manager behaved rudely just because we had asked that instead of him deciding the prices, it would be good if we can let recommend the prices. He obviously laughed off and asked us to leave from the entry point itself.

This hit us so hard that we decided it is time to try out something crazy.

What if, buyer tells seller " I will buy this only if you give me at this price, at this location and in this time period".

So, a application was designed and it is live now. Interestingly, we have been receiving a lot of appreciation from students and women as they always felt they are being robbed off at every deal. it is.

So go ahead and post the top 10 things what you are looking to buy.
Trust , this will turn out to be a surprise.
Ask your mom,sister and better half to use this. Its so convenient, she'll love it as now there is a place which can handle her way of buying the stuff.
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