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Daniel Lawry

To keep your family healthy, regular carpet cleaning is a must

Daniel Lawry

Vacuum cleaners can only remove loose particles from your floor. Just like putting your clothes in the washer, the combination of water, cleaning agents, and physical manipulation is necessary. Your carpet is a filter that traps particles. Like the air filter or oil filter on your car, your carpet can only hold so much. That's why regular carpet cleanings are so important.

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Enhanced Carpet Cleaning uses powerful truck mounted machines to deep clean your carpet; removing soil, pollen, microbes, dust mites and chemicals that are brought inside your home on your shoes. These foreign particles trigger allergies and asthma, and may also promote other diseases in young children and the elderly.

Hot Water Extraction Enhanced Carpet Cleaning utilizes the hot water extraction process commonly called “steam cleaning”. The world’s largest carpet manufacturers (Shaw,  Mohawk, etc.) insist on this method of cleaning as the best way to keep you carpet clean and looking new for years to come. Using other methods may actually void your warranty.

Shaw also recommends using IICRC Certified firms like Enhanced Carpet Cleaning. Of the dozens of carpet cleaning companies in El Paso, only a handful meets this requirement. Some companies even try to reduce operating costs by using cold water without cleaning compounds. Regardless of the "great deal" they offer, their "service" isn't worth anything if your carpet isn't clean when they're finished.

Regular deep cleaning also makes your carpet last longer! Soil particles are very abrasive. Even though they are small, these particles wear against the carpet strands so your carpet loses the sheen it had when new. Your carpet is a valuable investment-- make sure it retains its original beauty longer through regular professional cleaning. Ask about the optional Scotchguard protective spray that helps your carpet resist stains.

Heavy foot traffic coupled with normal “wear and tear” can leave your carpets looking battered, bruised and just unattractive.  And, don’t forget all the bacteria and other pollutants that could pose health risks to the occupants.  Regular care and maintenance from our team of cleaning professionals will extend the lifetime of your carpets and ensure a pleasant reception for everyone in your facility.

Leo Babauta at Zen Habits has created a list of steps to help you declutter your life. Babauta breaks down why we keep clutter around for so long, as well as reasons why we should get rid of it. Many people attempt to rid their lives of the small objects that quickly pile up on coffee tables, kitchen counters, and desks, but feel overwhelmed and give up too easily. As Babauta says, “These steps won’t get your home decluttered in a weekend. But you can enjoy the first step, and then the second, and before you know it you’ve taken 30 steps and your home is transformed.”

Start small. One of the reasons that people get overwhelmed when attempting to organize their lives is that they try to take on too much too quickly. Starting with simplifying one area will make the task seem much more doable.


Work in chunks. This is to say that you should work with the time that you have. If you know that you’ll only have 10-15 minutes a day during the week to work on your organization, then stick to that. But if you have a few free hours on Saturday afternoon, use that time to accomplish some clutter busting.



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