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Six Myths about Botox Treatments Busted


We have all gone through that disturbing moment when someone shows a picture of us, in which we look older than we actually are. It is quite depressing to realize that the time machine has not yet been invented and that we are forced to face the consequences of the passage of time. However, there are anti-aging treatments available. All you need to do is find a good Certified Nurse Injector that will take off years from your face with only a simple Botox injection. Many people are choosing Botox and it is quite common these days. While the medical science has advanced, there's always room for rumors and doubts. This article will present you a few myths associated with the Botox treatment.

It Makes Your Face Emotionless

According to rumors, these injections will make your face lifeless and stripped of any expression. There couldn’t be anything more untrue! When the treatment is executed well, it will allow you to look young and express your emotions without any impediment. You can express any emotion effortlessly.

Same as Dermal Fillers

While both of these treatments reduce the appearance of wrinkles, they are two different things that function in a different manner. Dermal filler adds volume to the facial tissue while Botox treatment eases the muscles that cause wrinkles to appear.

Toxic for the Face

It's another myth. Any reputable Nurse Injector would never inject something that may harm your body. Think of it. Just like any other treatment, when injected, this treatment is safe for your skin.

It's Extremely Painful

Just like dermal fillers, the pain felt from this kind of treatment is manageable. The procedure is simple and quick, and does not have any interruptions in between. This treatment is also known as the "lunch break injection."

Makes You an Addict

The truth is that you will feel great after such treatment. The outcome of the procedure will also make you feel amazing about yourself. It is possible for you to want to repeat the treatment every three-four months, to maintain a fabulous appearance. It is next to impossible that your body will ever feel addicted to this type of therapy.

It Makes You Look Unnatural

Don’t be scared. If you visit a good Nurse Injector, the treatment will make you look naturally younger, and you will feel like in your twenties again.

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