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Designer Shed

How to Build Your Own Shed

Designer Shed


No matter what kind of shed you will need or want to build, you'll need to plan out your project help to make sure you build the perfect shed for your needs. There are many different reasons why people want to build their own shed and that is why we wrote this how-to guide to help you start drawing up your shed plans.

1. Think about your needs.

Write down a list of items you plan to store in your shed. Knowing this ahead of time can help you decide the design and size of your shed. Think about whether or not you’ll need shelving or wall space, and also what kind of floor space you’ll need.

Once you have a rough idea of what you need to put in your shed, you'll need to convert those answers into sizes: Take the square footage of the ground space you'll need and add it up with the approximate amount of shelf and wall space needed.

Next, sketch up a floor plan using your approximate measurements. Consider where your shed will go because this may determine your shed’s size and design.

2. Choose the best style.

There are numerous shed styles and designs to choose from and what you should do is choose the style that that matches your needs. If you are trying to build a garden shed, you can be much more creative with design, and you can use old structures like gazebos or utility sheds. 

If you want to get the right design with the least amount of work, then try getting a prefabricated shed or utility building. Either of these options give you some flexibility in design and will suit most needs, unless you’re interested in commercial sheds, then you may need something a bit more solid.

3. Determine where your shed will go.

When planning your design, it is important to know exactly where your future shed will go. You want to consider your needs, like for example if you need running water, electricity, and what type of access you require.

4. Keep your shed secure.

If you plan to store expensive tools or items, then making sure you shed is secure is essential. This also goes for storing flammable materials, chemicals, and any other dangerous materials. You can also build a separate area where this stuff can be stored and secured without securing the rest of your shed.

5. Keep your shed ventilated.

In the case where you may be storing chemicals, find out what your local laws are on how to store them first. Most laws require that you have good ventilation when storing chemicals. If you’re not storing chemicals, good ventilation will make it easier to work in your shed.

6. Consider adding some additions.

Depending on what your needs are, you may also want to consider adding things like a ramp, double doors, larger windows, electricity, water, a phone line, and multiple storage devices. This is your shed, feel free to build it the way you want. Just make sure you plan it well right from the start.

If you're looking to build a commercial shed with all of the features you need, visit to learn more. 

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