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Trisha Sen

Visit Thekkady in Kerala – God of the Jungles

Trisha Sen Freelance writer
Complying with its sobriquet, Kerala is laden with countless fascination that wins the heart of each vacationer. Be it a special newly-wed couple, relaxation wayfarers, pioneer aficionados Kerala has something to suffice all. Placed in the Southern West corner of Indian promontory, and shaped like a leaf this brilliant state is honoured with long extends of resplendent shores, awesome backwater for houseboat cruising, tea arrangements and plenty of verdure in the different natural life parks. It is pervasive with paddy fields, grand palm trees and long extends of shimmery water of the Arabian Sea which makes the state overwhelmed with visitors all around the year. Among various places in Kerala Thekkady is very noted and famous among newlyweds for romantic honeymoon.

Positioned at the Idukki region of Kerala, Thekkady is one of the essential vacationer ends in India. It is spotted at a separation of more or less the range of 160 miles as of Thiruvananthapuram & is eminent for wild life protection. Thekkady is novel and liberally rich with fauna and flora and an extensive variety of winged creatures. Here, you can get a sight of natural life in a nearby proximity, and one can likewise have a chance to see and capture the untamed life while they are in their characteristic living space. Thekkady is a heaven with its common picturesque magnificence, clear waters and the tranquil air actually enthrals the guests. This makes the place perfect for family and couple vacations.

Thekkady in Kerala – God of the Jungles

Thekkady, famous for Tiger Reserve has rich assorted qualities of vertebrates. The various timberland sorts, , swamps, and a huge oceanic natural surroundings together backing 62 types of warm blooded creatures, 320 types of winged animals, reptiles of 45 types, 27 forms of organisms of land & water, and 38 types of fish, along with 160 butterfly species have been recorded.

Periyar Tiger Reserve

The sprawling Periyar Tiger Reserve is the main attraction of this beautiful district of Idukki region of Kerala. This wildlife reserve is situated in the southern part of the Western ghats in the cardamom hills at an altitude of 2900 - 6000ft is the largest sanctuary in Kerala. The starting point of the reserve forest is the boat house roughly two kilometres from the entry gate. The finest approach to witness the sanctuary is through a ride on the artificial Periyar Lake.

Around the 62 types of well evolved creatures, a lot of them are uncommon, endemic and imperilled. There is an expected populace of 900-1000 creatures which is liable to cover with the populace in the connecting woods zones. Visitors can enjoy the sights of rare exotic creatures like Gaur, Sambar, the biggest deer in India, are widely appropriated and constitute the foremost prey base of tiger and wild canine, Wild pig has wide dispersion all around the recreation centre, Nilgiri Marten, Nilgiri Tahr, and Nilgiri Langur and Flying Squirrel,

The Tiger is found in different types of living spaces however their thickness is considerably less in the evergreen woodlands. The Striped-necked Mongoose is not unprecedented, found in the semi-evergreen and evergreen woodlands.

Things to Do – Adventure Activities

A flawless vacation end with its one of a kind chill climate, unending grand wonders, smell of zest manors and benevolent individuals, Thekkady also offers different opportunities and options for adventure tourism. Adventurous couples and families can opt for adventure activities like trekking, natural walk, bamboo rafting, fringe climbing and rock climbing while staying in Thekkady.

Nature Walk: This is a guided day trek. Diverse nature trails navigating differing environments structure the trekking ways, for the most part 4 to 5 km long. This is an interpretive programme offering superb chance to watch fledglings, butterflies and other untamed life. The trails frequently pass through evergreen and wet deciduous timberlands blended with damp fields. A most extreme of five persons can strive for trekking at once along every nature trail, joined by a prepared tribal aide. The Nature walk is the right programme for couples who love to spend time in nature together to feel nature, hear her whispers and emanation her blossoms.

Periyar Tiger Trail: This program is open only for medically fit visitors. The main day's trek begins at 12 twelve and finishes by twelve in the second or third day. The group comprises of a greatest of five guests, five aides and 2 woods authorities. Here, one may get opportunity to experience much indigenous natural life like Nilgiri langur, squirrel, elephant and even the tiger! The trek way passes through mounts and valleys with a mixture of tropical plants and boundless expanses. Visitors get to camp inside the forest.

Bamboo Rafting: This is an exciting experience and visitors get to see wildlife at close quarters with the least amount of disturbance to animals. Beginning early in the morning from the watercraft arriving, a mosaic of environments will be crossed before the gathering gets into flatboats made of bamboos. The woodlands are rich in feathered creature life and arboreal creatures like monster squirrel and Nilgiri langur. Creatures like elephant, Gaur and Sambar can be located during rafting as they mostly found near the edges of the lake.

Trekking: The perpetual moving slopes and mountains encompassing Thekkady, offers quite great chances of trekking to the adventure crazy people. The wildernesses and knolls inside the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary are around the famous trekking trails in this locale. Trekkers must get former consent from the natural life powers and they are joined by a guide that will lead them securely through the Reservoir woods. Kumily to Pandikuzhi and Kurisamala to Kumily are the absolute most loved trekking defeats & Kurisumala, Pullumedu, Grampi and Ottakathalamedu are vital trekking bases here. Making a path through Thekkady woods is truly an exciting and captivating experience.

Boating: Visitors can also enjoy boat ride on the Periyar Lake. Viewing natural life undisturbed is very exiting with boating.

Perfect romantic place for couples

Every honeymooners or romantic holidayers wish to visit a place filled with serene secluded natural beauty where they can not only enjoy their togetherness but can also enjoy the beauty of nature in their special way. And Thekkady offers such pleasures. This has made the place more popular among honeymooners and romantic holidayers from India as well as abroad. Not only romantic couples, adventure frenzy couples also love to visit the place as it has a variety of adventure activities to offer. This city conjures up an image of wilderness, rich fauna, gushing riverbeds, aromatic plantations, elephant herds, and a rough country reflection, which not only attracts couples and families too. This adventurous land of Thekkady is also very popular for family outing as well.
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