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Marketing Results

How to Generate More Quality Leads

Marketing Results


One of the most common misconceptions about generating more quality leads to a website is that it takes thousands of dollars in Adwords campaigns. Sadly, many businesses spend a ton of money on trying to generate leads through buying Google Ads, but see little to no results despite what their Adwords Management Agency might promise them. Why? There are many different factors that contribute to generating more quality leads and unfortunately, Adwords isn’t necessarily your golden ticket to online success. 

We’ve created this little how-to guide to give you a better idea on what it takes to generate more quality leads to your site. 

Build an audience by creating valuable content. 

The modern-day consumer is looking for value and wants to build trust with companies. They don’t always know what they want, but they don’t want to listen to some “cheesy” sales pitch either. This ‘old way’ of marketing has little relevance in today’s business world. More and more people turn to the web for answers to their problems or when they want to learn about a product. The advantage for you here is, they want to take the time to build trust with you, as long as you offer them quality content that speaks to them. If they like what they’re reading and seeing, they will most likely sign up to receive your newsletter and updates. 

Encourage your audience to consider your offer. 

It’s already clear that you want to provide your audience with great quality content first before anything else, which is why that is step one. Once you start building a list, you will still need to maintain it by continuing to educate them and offer the same value that made them sign up to receive your updates in the first place. The essential part of this step is to start sharing what you have offer while still providing value. You don’t want to start off providing your audience with quality content, have them sign up, only to start bombarding them with sales pitches. You will probably lose the faith and trust of your audience if you do this, so we recommend encouraging them to consider your offer before you go in for ‘the kill’. 

Help your leads decide. 

If your lead is still with you, they are most likely ready to buy your product. However, if they haven’t purchased anything from you yet, that probably means they have some unanswered questions or just need some more reassurance that what you are offering is right for them. In this stage, it’s probably time to provide high-involvement offers or offer them packages that are loaded with value. 

Consider hiring a Conversion Rate Optimisation Agency. 

Generating more quality leads takes a lot of work and careful planning. As a business owner, you may not have the time to put together premium-level campaigns, so it might be best to let the professionals handle it for you. 

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