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Marshall Miller

Is keyword essential in SEO?

Marshall Miller

Is keyword essential in SEO?

Before proceeding to the importance of keyword in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it is essential to know what the keywords denote. Keywords refer to the phrases utilised by the users to reach your business. They are initiated and indexed by different search engines. It is one of the key elements of SEO.

There are different ways to determine which keywords to optimise for and mostly the final list of them is developed after wise analysis on the number of users searching for, keywords, preferred by the competitors and the keywords that illustrate your website in the most excellent way.

Indeed, keywords and SEO are associated with one another while running an appealing search market promotion. Since keywords are the basis for your SEO attempt, it is essential to work on the applicable keyword which is effectively organised for an action. So, creating lists of keywords is the initial and most essential steps in SEO plan.

Here are some importance of keyword in SEO:

Picking up applicable Keywords for optimisation

There was a time when you could simply pick up one-word phrase to search for the queries but now obtaining constant top ratings for two-word or three-word search phrases are more sensible objective.

For example, if you have a website about the restaurant, do not attempt and optimise for the keyword “restaurant” or “restaurants” rather you can try and concentrate on a keyword like “ Restaurant Sydney” or “Best restaurant Sydney” or any other as you desire. One-two tail keyword might be troubling and challenging as it is better to focus on less competitive as well as highly precise keywords.

Firstly, you have to analyze the keywords that illustrate the content of your web page. Preferably, you understand your visitors and can properly guess the search strings; they are expected to employ to get your company. Additionally, you can also try Google keyword suggestion tool.


Carry out Keyword research for particular product or services

Your company or brand might be providing products and services of various categories or arrangement. You have to carry out different keyword research for all these categories, particularly targeting a specific product or service. This may be little challenging or difficult if you hold e-commerce or online shopping business that consists of various categories or classification.

Conversely, targeting the keyword phrases will provide you a great chance of influencing a precise product featured in a specific category. Better carry out keyword research for a particular product or services you provide.


Keyword Density

After you pick up the keyword that illustrates your websites and  expected to use by the visitors the further step is to make the website rich of keywords with ideal keyword density for your target keywords. Keyword density is one of the posts important factors to consider in SEO as it measures availability of keyword on the web page.

The recommended density is 3-5% for major 2 or 3-word keywords and 1-2% for some minor keywords. You can also use keyword density checker tool to check the keyword density of your online presence.

Even though till date there no such strict rules, try to optimise the website for a reasonable number of keywords. If you try to optimise more, then you might be stuffed with the keywords. After that, you also might be penalised which also includes banned from the search engine for keyword stuffing as this is taken as an unethical practice that attempts to manipulate search results.


Keywords placed in some special places

Keywords are essential not only for the quantity but for quality too which means if you have more keyword in the page title, headings, the initial paragraph, this will count more if you have lots of keywords below the page. The main reason is the URL and the domain name along with file names and directory name, page title, headings for the section is  essential compared to the normal text on the web page.

Better include keywords in these places

1. Keywords in URL and filename

Domain name and URL of the website describes the types of business you hold. While looking for a keyword wealthy domain name, do not be greedy and take all the keyword. Considering from SEO prospect, it is better to include 5 keywords within the URL.


2. Keywords in Page Titles

Page title is considered as another essential place as the contents of the title mostly is displayed in almost every search engine counting Google. However, it is not compulsory to write on title which means you can leave the title bar empty as well, but including some specific keyword in the title is a plus point for SEO purpose.


3. Keywords in Heading

Usually, headings divide paragraph with relevant sub-topics and from a literary prospect, it might become useless to have heading after each paragraph, but from the SEO opinion, it is very nice practice to get lots of headings as possible mostly if you use keywords in those headings.

There is no limitation for the content of different heading, but pages might look untidy with too long headings. So keep the heading wisely and if you are using heading

then you are using larger font size so better use the word 6-7 otherwise the heading might look messy as it gets spread in 2-3 lines.


Wrapping Up,

We hope now you are familiar with the importance of keyword in SEO. For SEO, keywords are the connection between you and your prospect which is developed and index by search engines. They are one of the essential parts of SEO and keyword research holds a significant role to help you streamline your Search Engine Optimisation campaigns and carry out targeted visits which carry beneficial consequences.

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