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As I see you after a long time
Dancing in the rain
Blood flowing stops in my vein
You are all alone
Don't you care get me along?
You seem blissful
Don't you care to see this fool?

Do you remember the past rains?
Our dance couldn't get reined
I am standing by my window
stare at you
In the hope you would recall
My ludicrous steps few
I didn't know time would change
and will have to survive in this cage
Tears in my eyes is stopped
& Let me see windows got popped

I am hoping you will be back
One fine day you will knock
I will open my door excitedly
And have a sweet talk
No matter how far away
You are settled down
Come here once
For you I have a crown

(I know you are playing tricks with me)

My tears are streaking down
I find my life laugh at me and frown
Rain drops are making my window blurry
But still I could watch you, don't worry!
Why are you disappearing now?
My throbbing is getting slow down
I no longer want to get involved
in this trick
Here you got invisible in a click.

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