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Three Practical Ways to Make Your Custom Sign Attractive


Imagine this- You are driving in your vehicle along a busy commercial road, and all you see is signs and buildings. Even if you were to pay attention to each business sign, you probably would forget what half of them advertise about in first place. The chances are that you'll only notice signs that have an exceptional design, or the ones that stand out in the crowd. What's the mystery to getting your custom sign noticed when so many other businesses are competing for the onlookers' attention? You will be surprised to find out there are just a few tricks to making an eye-catching custom sign. Rather than investing in a mediocre sign that will fade into the background, you can take this advice and build your business sign that will give you returns for years to come. A sign company in Kansas City can help you manufacture signs that will catch everyone's attention.

Color Contrasts Will Get Your Sign Noticed

Remember, the lack of contrast in your signage will prevent any letter from popping up. Make sure your custom sign uses a dark color on a light background or the other way around. This contrast in color will make your sign visually appealing and also easy to read. Signs business in Kansas City can create such signs that are interesting and appealing to you.

Typeface Contrasts in a Custom Sign

Changing the font or the typeface in your sign can highly increase its appeal. Keep in mind that visual contrast is not limited to only one color. The human eye is designed to look for other changes, for example, changes in the landscape. A sign that just says Baily Real Estate is dull and uninteresting. Even if it is all in capital letters, like BAILEY REAL ESTATE, it still is boring. Try BAILEY Real Estate. Just by altering the letter size and maybe bolding some of the content you can make things more memorable, it should be one of the goals of your custom sign. However, make sure you don't use too many different fonts. In short, don't clutter up your sign.

Add a Border

Adding a border around your sign will increase the reading speed of your custom sign. It's crucial, especially if your sign is designed to attract people who pass by in traffic. A border draws the focus to the center of the sign, exactly where the information is. This way, it allows the readers to notice and also retain your message. Again, contrast is important. It will have a significant role in determining how well your border looks. For instance, black on white is one of the most powerful contrasts.

The author of this article is an expert signage manufacturer who has helped scores of businesses with custom signs. If you wish to know more about custom signs, then visit Acme Sign Inc.

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