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Energy One Solar

Justifying Your Switch to Solar Energy

Energy One Solar Renewable Energy, Solar

Solar energy is becoming the most preferred power source which is growing faster than any other source of power. You will find that every four minutes a home or business establishment is going solar way in America. In Texas, solar energy grew by 84 percent since 2010. In a bid to cut down on carbon pollution, solar energy could help reduce carbon pollution drastically and make Texas more environment-friendly. The requirement of clean power has become urgent since scientists are clear about the effects of global warming. The consequences of global warming can be seen in Texas with drought and wildfires.

Benefit to the Economy

Solar in Houston can help Texas achieve 20 percent clean power which will not only protect the environment but also improves the economy. Houston has the technical potential to meet the state's energy needs. The massive investments highlight the urgency and demand for renewables. Warren Buffett is said to have doubled his bet to $30 Billion on Solar and other renewable energy resources.

The increased need for renewable energy is due to conscious decision to reduce the country's reliance on fossil fuels which can cut carbon emissions by almost 30 percent.

Houston Solar Energy is witnessing good demand from homeowners. Homeowners are installing solar panels to reduce the costs and to keep their cooling costs down. The demand for solar energy is growing in the city with more businesses and homeowners embracing the solar efficiency. Companies realize the benefits solar power offers through reduced operation costs, a maintenance-free source of energy, and the proper return on their investments. With such an enormous demand, Houston is slowly turning into solar power capital of the world.

Revolutionary Advancements in Technology

The improvements in technology have led to cheaper solar energy. You will find solar power prices can be locked for longer periods with warranty backed periods for solar panels. General warranty period ranges around 25 years though it may go even longer. The cheap cost of installing solar panels has spurred more demand. The market has seen a record number of solar panel installations on the rooftops of homes in the US. Consumers are taking more control of their electricity generation which makes energy generation decentralized rather than the traditional centralized model of energy generation.

The growth in residential solar markets in the US is impressive. The 20 gigawatts solar panels operating in the US can power 4.6 million US homes. Solar power generation is contributing almost 40% of the new electricity generation capacity.

The need for clean energy to protect the environment, reduce costs, and also improve the economy is driving the demand for solar energy. The decentralized approach of power generation helps people have more control and plan their energy resources and contribute to green energy. The benefits to companies are compelling to make the shift and savings in the costs alone justify the switch to solar energy apart from its contribution to the environment.

The author is a clean environment activist and is one of the leading supporters for clean energy systems. He has influenced many people with his views on clean energy. You can read more about the benefits of clean solar energy in Houston.

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