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Solar Panel Technology for Clean Energy Production in Kansas City


Americans are actively embracing solar power realizing the immense benefits of clean energy. The recent report from Environment America Research & Policy Center shows the top cities which embraced solar energy. Kansas City too made it to the list despite not being the Sunbelt city. Local Governments are confident about solar power due to its immense benefits to the environment and economy. The latest technologies have made solar energy production much more viable and profitable. The choice of solar panels is necessary to achieve a better return.

Various Solar Panel Technologies

Solar panels are usually called as photovoltaic cells or devices that convert sun rays into electricity. These panels have grown in their technology, and the latest panels have become more efficient and flexible. The designs and technologies have undergone drastic changes. The best techniques use multi-junction technology, Crystalline, and thin film solar panels. The cost of producing these panels has dropped significantly. You can build these panels at a cheap cost in Kansas. Kansas City Solar Energy panels are efficient and use the best technology for sustainable performance. The knowledge of various technologies helps you choose the best panels for maximum return.

1. Crystalline Panels - Crystalline boards are built of silicon, and the silicon arrangement determines whether it is polycrystalline or mono.

Mono-Crystalline - Mono-Crystalline Panels are most widely used panels and are most efficient. The panel has single silicon generating 110 to 220 W of power per square meter. The lifespan is between 15 to 30 years. The performance of the panel is not affected with the passage of time. The price is high but doesn't require maintenance.

Polycrystalline Panel - As the name implies, this panel has many crystals. These crystals are combined to harness solar power efficiently. It produces around 130W of power per square meter. The price for producing the panel is lower than other techniques. Hence, it remains one of the most inexpensive sources to generate solar energy. This panel also saves space and is best suited for rooftops.

2. Thin Film Panels - The thin film is utilized for producing tiny solar panels that allow incorporating them in the building envelope. This technology has higher efficiency than crystalline panels. However, the effectiveness is reduced as it can produce only 60-70W of power. It is suitable for hot climates.

3. Multi-Junction Panels - These are the most cost effective solar panels available in the market. They produce 50 percent more energy than other technologies. These panels absorb more sunlight and last up to 30 years.

The choice of solar panel is easy once you understand the technology available. The Multi-Junction solar panels are more efficient and less expensive. However, you should choose these panels depending upon your unique requirements - taking into consideration the place you live, space available and the purpose. Make sure you talk with the provider and choose the best panels for maximum return on investment. The time spent is worth it since the investment is for the long-term and it saves you money.

The author is an expert engineer with experience in designing solar panels. You can know more about Kansas City solar technology right here.

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