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Dentist in Blaine offering effective Cosmetic Dentistry

Struggling with your kid’s cavities because they’ve had too much candy? Are you afraid of smiling too wide because you’re not blessed with a set of perfectly aligned, pearly whites like your friends? Or do you wake up in the middle of the night because of the agonizing pain at the back of your mouth? Well, your days of worry will soon be history because Pro Dental Clinic’s in Blaine got your back.

We offer our patients the best service and care. Our main services include:


Dental implants substitute missing or broken teeth without affecting the adjacent teeth. They’re ideal when dentures do not fit properly or are difficult to adjust. But unlike other procedures, this is a complicated procedure and often done over a period of several months. A dental implant refers to an artificial tooth root that’s placed on the jaw and intended to replace the natural tooth.


At Pro Dental clinic, we help you smile with confidence. Our services include:

- Lumineers are thin veneers made of porcelain and placed over the teeth.

- Whitening and bleaching: an inexpensive yet effective procedure to restore your teeth to its natural color.

- BriteSmile: an hour long in-office procedure where a hydrogen peroxide-based gel is applied to the teeth. A low-intensity light is then used to activate the gel and reveal whiter teeth in less than an hour.

- Veneers: thin porcelain shells placed over the teeth and designed to cover stains, discolorations etc.


Periodontitis and other gum diseases can be prevented through proper oral hygiene. Common maintenance procedures include scaling, root planning, removing plaque and tartar, etc.

Pediatric:  A proper oral hygiene routine must be set early on among children. This includes teaching them the proper method to brush their teeth, teaching them to floss, and taking them for regular dental check-ups. Sealants are thin plastic-like films applied on a child’s teeth to prevent decay. Although these are very effective against cavities, but not all children need sealants.


A highly specialized aspect of dentistry and deals with the nerves, tissues and the insides of the tooth.  We offer the following endodontic treatment to our patients:

- Root canal treatment

- Dental abscess treatment

- Treatment of dental trauma

- Diagnosis and treatment of dental pain

- Emergency endodontic treatment

Apart from these, we offer a wide range of other services including bridges, crowns, extractions, etc.

Our team members consist of Dr. Nazir (the main doctor), Joy (the office administrator), Jessica (patient coordinator), Sunni (registered dental hygienist), Kimberly (licensed dental assistant), Lana (LDA), Dawn (RDH), Lensa (supervisor), Anya (patient co-coordinator) and Anna (clinical assistant).

For further information and contact details, visit our website, where you can also find the patient form (of your medical history) that you will be required to fill out in case you require any services.

With our friendly environment, visiting us would be like visiting your friends. Put your trust in pro dental clinic; we will provide you that winning smile!

Author Bio : Dr. Nazir is the best dentist in Blaine with years of experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry. He uses latest techniques and dental procedures to help patients achieve the smile they deserve.
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