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Robert Lawson

Revealed: Advantages of Concrete Jersey barriers

Robert Lawson

According to the USA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there have been 32,675 deaths due to vehicle crashes on roadways in 2014 alone. These crashes cost $1 trillion due to loss of productivity and life as per 2010 statistics. However, the right usage of concrete Jersey barriers could reduce these accidents and the associated costs and loss of life.

Use of Jersey barriers

It was a breakthrough when Jersey barrier was first introduced by the New Jersey State Highway Department on highways. These concrete barriers helped minimize collision due to vehicle crossing into other lanes. These highway concrete barriers were further improved by including slope barrier, F-shape barrier making changes to the original shape.

The efficiency of the jersey barrier has made it the preferred choice for anti-terrorism security field. US military has used it during Iraq war and as perimeter security during domestic attacks to protect monuments and federal properties.

Advantages of Jersey Barriers

- Portable - The portability factor of these barriers make it easy for highway authorities to use them anywhere for both temporary as well as permanent purposes.

- Reduces Impact - Concrete jersey barriers minimize the incidence of the collision due to its mass of concrete.

- Flexibility - It is easy to integrate these barriers with other types of steel barriers etc.

- Regulates Traffic - It helps control traffic and saves time, money, and life.

- Controls Speed - Jersey barriers strategically placed in a pattern can help regulate the speed of the vehicles.

- Perimeter security - They are useful to protect properties at construction sites.

The variation of concrete jersey barriers has made them more versatile. The light weight, water filled versions with various shapes and heights are being used extensively for commercial purposes. The design of the jersey barrier is unique due to its upward slope. The upward slope prevents the vehicle from crossing over to oncoming traffic. You can use them as parking lot dividers controlling both vehicular as well as pedestrian traffic.

Jersey barriers are an excellent option to save lives, protect property, and regulate traffic flow thereby improving productivity. It helps save time, which is an important resource from getting wasted in traffic.

The introduction of jersey barriers and k-rail barriers has proven to be a significant advancement in traffic management and in reducing collisions. The advancements in technology have improved these barriers for more efficient use at many other places including commercial establishments primarily construction industries to prevent construction-related accidents as well as to protect properties.

The author of this article is a seasoned security analyst designing traffic safety barriers. He has helped implement many safety systems to reduce accidents. You can get more information about concrete jersey barriers for reducing the vehicle crashes by following him right here.

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