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Lawrence Bishop

Affordable and Effective Potential of Signs to Grow Your Business

Lawrence Bishop
Business signs are one of the most powerful communication media tools out there. They attract more than half the customers for start-ups. Research states that 85% of potential clients work or live within a five-mile radius of the business. It implies they can potentially see your sign more than 50 to 60 times in a month. The modern day technology has made business signs more sophisticated with digital signage.

The Importance of Business Signs

Business signs can build brand image and attract potential customers. It helps people recollect your brand faster since they are made to develop a memory of your business through the signs. It helps increase conversion rate since people buy from companies they are aware of.

If you do proper research and design these signs with care, it will become a talking point for people. It will also help trigger word of mouth marketing. You need to follow certain principles to get the desired effect through business signs.

Principles to Get Maximum Growth From Business Signs

Clear Message – Unless the message is clear in the business sign, it will not serve the purpose of attracting prospective customers. The message should be crisp and concise. A catchy message will reach customers. No customer will be willing to spend more than few seconds seeing the sign. Any business sign should be brief to drive home the critical point within the shortest attention span.

Make it Colorful – A business sign should be designed in a colorful way. Whether you use vehicle graphics or a simple billboard, it is the bright signs which are going to make people turn their heads and watch. Make use of latest technology to exploit digital signage boards with LED lights to create a lasting impression.

Up to Date Messages – The message displayed on a business sign should be contemporary and up to date. People will ignore obsolete messages. Business signs should keep changing to reflect the latest trends. In fact, the latest the message, more relevant it becomes.

-Positioning – There is nothing more important than the positioning and location for business signs. If you don't display the message in a prominent place, the message may go completely unnoticed. Choose a location which has many eye falls. It will improve the probability of success.

Advantages of Signs:

1. Business signs can create long lasting impression due to their attractive displays and the principle of repetitive watching.

2. This form of advertising is least expensive and most effective. It is one of the oldest forms of advertising which is relevant even in the modern digital world.

3. People trust the company and think the business is more established if you have your ad on the vehicle and other prominent locations.

If you have a business, you should try contemporary outdoor signs. It is probably the most efficient and cheapest form of advertising as it creates more awareness and trust among the people.
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