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Santosh Kumar

How social media can stop another world war

Santosh Kumar
Social media is the word that has been discovered in the last few years. Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus and YouTube are defining what we are going to see, eat or interact. All these social media platforms have given us an opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas with our friends and peers.

The impact of social media on our daily life
Interaction – Now no longer we decide what we are going to talk with our friends over a cup of coffee. It’s already there in our subconscious mind. The different post or articles that have been going around on these platforms provides us an opportunity or excuse to jump on these topics once we grab our cup of coffee. 70% of adult use social media to connect and interact with their friends and family.
News – social media has become an important source of news. They provide us an opportunity to know what is going on other parts of world. Facebook and twitter trending let us know what is going hot on that particular part of the day. One of the best part of the news on social media is people don’t see the news happening, they can also contribute their thought on that particular news. 65% of media reports and editors use sites like Facebook and LinkedIn for story research.

Learning – Learning is one of the reason people like to see themselves on these platforms. You can join various groups on these networks to increase your knowledge. For ex – if you are interested in learning Java you can join various groups related to Java and thus creating a good opportunity to present yourself with like minded people. 50% of students use social media sites to talk about school assignments.

Marketing – one of the reason companies love to come on social media platforms again and again is they provide an excellent opportunity to market their product or services to a large group of people with a fraction of money and effort. Globally 46% consumers count on social media when making a purchase decision. The market their products as per the different group available on these platforms. If they are selling beauty products they can easily pick up the data for female and can show their product to that particular group.

Advertisement – though advertisement is also an integral part of marketing, it provide and equal opportunity for people with zero budget to promote their product, blog etc on these platforms. This was never done before. Think if you are start up with almost zero budget advertisement figures, you can still mark your presence here.

Social impact – social media does not have only fun factor it is into some serious changes also. It has helped people to raise their collective voice on many occasions. In all the people movement in Middle East countries social media has helped people to spread their voice. Recent ban on twitter in Turkey is an perfect example how these platforms are effective in gathering people concerns. The 2011 Egyptian uprising was mostly created by social media platforms which ultimately led to resignation of Egyptian President Mubarak.

Political change - we are well aware about the fact how political parties are using their new found love in the form of social media platforms to promote their image. In the second term election of President Barrack Obama social media has played a very crucial role. Indian political parties are using a lot of these platforms to promote their party’s agenda not to mention possible candidate Mr. Narendra Modi. These political parties are keeping a separate budget to spend on these platforms. President Obama victory post was the most “Liked” photo on Facebook with over 4 million likes.
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