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Energy One Solar

Expert’s Guide on Understanding Solar Panels Warranty

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The International Energy Agency records that there is a growth of 40 percent in residential solar panels usage in the country. It is one of the most popular forms of alternative energy in the world today and it’s expected to meet a quarter of energy requirements by 2050. Just like most services and products in life, switching to solar energy entails the inclusion of warranty. This warranty is lengthy and can be confusing for many individuals, especially the first-time Houston solar owners. These hints can help you understand and decipher the technical vocabulary involved in any solar warranty.

1. How Long They Last

Houston solar energy panels, like most, last on an average of 20 to 25 years. This is a magnificent time span for any warranty. Solar panels themselves usually have a life expectancy of around thirty years. This means that your warranty covers your solar panels for almost their entire life expectancy. Additionally, most manufacturers’ guarantee that their panels will operate at least at an eighty percent output rate for most of a panel's lifetime.

2. What Benefits are Included

Solar panel warranties include a variety of advantages. The most common include insurance entails coverage when it comes to maintenance and repair costs. Each section of a solar panel usually contains a particular type of warranty. The batteries of any panel have a warranty of up to ten years. Knowing the particular warranty time for each part of a panel is important to help you save money down the line.

3. Understanding the Differences in Warranties

Just like with Houston solar installation, around the country, there's a variety of different warranty options. Companies differ in what they provide, and each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. An excellent way of determining a company's quality is by knowing what their warranties entail. The shorter a company's warranty coverage the less viable it is as a top rated business on the market.

This concept also applies to a company's solar products. On average, firms with shorter warranties install solar panels that are of vastly lower quality than should be standard. These panels break down quickly, and could cost you thousands of dollars, especially if your warranty has expired.

In conclusion, solar energy is fast becoming the most popular alternative energy resource across the globe. There are numerous advantages to owning solar panels. With each installation comes a warranty. Knowing and understanding what a warranty entails can help you not only to determine the quality and integrity of a company and its products but also help you to save money on potential future costs.

The author of this article is an expert in the field of solar energy Houston and presents here some valuable tips on how to read and better understand the warranties issued with solar panels and how to stay on your toes while making your next buy.

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