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Sports Drink? Think The Herbalife24 CR7 Drive


Have you noticed what happens to your body during a tough workout? Apart from the heavy sweating, you will feel excruciating pain in your muscles and your body will feel a lot warmer from the time you first started your workout. 


When you sweat, your body loses out on important salts, electrolytes and other crucial elements that are required to keep your muscles energized. Though you may have the will to carry on with your game or workout, there will come a point, where you will receive signals from your body to stop. What do you do in that case? Is it possible for you to push yourself beyond your limit? Being the fitness beast that you are, you will definitely want to! And why you shouldn’t you?


A sports drink is a great option if you want to power your workouts and if you are looking for a quick alternative to power foods, juices or water. A sports drink like CR7 Drive is not just refreshing, but will also replace all the lost nutrients in your body, while giving you the energy to carry on, in a short span of time.


If this has got you intrigued, scroll further to learn more about Herbalife24 CR7 and how it can help you during your workouts! –


The Cr7 Drive Herbalife Edge

The">CR7 Drive Herbalife drink was created by the Herbalife sports science team to optimize ace footballer, Christiano Ronaldo’s performance during a quick-paced football game and to keep his body hydrated. The drink is a solid combination of 125mg potassium, 60mg magnesium, 135mg sodium and fortifying vitamins, particularly Vitamin B12 for metabolism, and is made without artificial flavors, coloring and sweeteners. The Herbalife CR7 is an upbeat, modern take on the conventional sports drinks and has been thoroughly tested for all banned substances under the ‘NSF Certified For Sport’ program. Unlike the other sports drinks available in the market today, the Herbalife CR7 can be consumed in sizable quantities, because it is a lighter formula and is great for a diverse range of activities i.e. soccer, fitness routines, CrossFit, jogging or any other activity that can get your pulse going.


What Are The Key Benefits?


·         The CR7 Drive Herbalife drink is an instant source of energy and contains a unique four-carb blend to help you deliver top performance whilst boosting muscle power.

·         This unique formula will give you the closest experience to drinking fresh, natural juice, except that it comes with a ton of brain-fueling glucose and electrolytes to keep you going in your game. It is made with the juice of real grapes and purple carrots.

·         The">CR7 Drive Herbalife drink replaces lost nutrients in the body with 320 mg of vital electrolytes.

·         The glucose in the drink helps stimulate brain processes and as a result, aids with better decision-making during your game.


The light and refreshing sports drink, CR7 Drive Herbalife24, promises to fuel your workouts like no other, push you beyond your limits and keep you amply hydrated. Get started with your CR7 Drive Herbalife 24 drink today and feel the edge during your important game or workouts!


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