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Testosterone Hormone Pellet Therapy – Things to Know!


Hormone replacement Kansas City using hormone pellets has existed since the 20th century and has proved to be an effective way of administering bio-identical hormones in the right doses to both men and women. Testosterone is a significant hormone that regularizes certain bodily functions in men as well as women. With age, an average of 30% of men suffers from a condition called hypogonadism which implies lack of the testosterone hormone in the body.

Read on to understand the significance of testosterone and how testosterone hormone pellet therapy works.

Why is testosterone important for the human body?

Testosterone plays a significant role in regulating sex drive, memory, and increasing muscle mass as well as in bumping up energy. Thus it affects multiple aspects of life in both men and women.

How can the lack of testosterone be compensated?

Testosterone replacement therapy can involve a number of methods such as creams, patches, injections and hormone pellet therapy Kansas City. These options are discussed in detail with the patient and the most suitable method is chosen so that the right dose of the hormone is administered at the right time to ensure that the patient needs are rightly met.

Why are the advantages of testosterone hormone pellet therapy?

When compared to all other alternatives, the hormone pellets Kansas City is the best option for administering the right dose consistently and for a longer time. Buccal tablets, creams and gels used as testosterone replacement therapies are easy to use but can pose serious danger when exposed to woman and children. Excessive doses can also cause serious side effects including a steep increase in the RBC count. Testosterone injections may take a long time to be used without the supervision of a doctor. Also, these injections can cause uneven highs and lows in the hormone level thus leading to drastic mood changes. The hormone pellet therapy on the other hand involves small pellets that are implanted under the skin and release the hormone in small doses for a period of up to 6 months. The implanting of pellets is a simple procedure that can be complete in the doctor’s office in a short time span.

Are there chances of pain and infection during the process?

Implantation of pellets for the bio identical hormone replacement therapy Kansas City takes only about 10 minutes and is injected painlessly under the influence of a local anesthetic. The procedure is usually performed near the hip and about 10 pellets are injected at one time. Less than one per cent of the patients suffer from infection post the treatment.

Thus testosterone hormone pellets are an easy and proven method of treatment in both men and women.

The author of this article here explains about the significance of testosterone and how testosterone hormone pellet therapy in Kansas City works.

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