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ID Theft Authority

How to Prevent Your Phone from Getting Hacked

ID Theft Authority


With all of the information we store on our smartphones these days, keeping our wireless devices safe is vital. We’ve heard of celebrity photos and texts getting hacked from their phones and then we suddenly see their very sensitive and private information suddenly gets leaked to the public. Once a hacker infiltrates your phone, they can access anything you have stored on your phone. 

Here’s how you can prevent your phone from getting hacked.   

1. Be careful with downloads: When using your personal computer, you are often careful about the sites you visit and the ads you click on to avoid having your computer overrun with viruses. Practice the same with your phone. Your main concern should be with the source of the download. Install apps that only come from trusted sources.

2. Wireless Safety: This may come as a shock to you, but try and avoid using public WiFi. Why? Because you’re leaving your phone more vulnerable to hackers. Keep your device updated and limit your time on public networks and servers as much as possible.

3. Physical Protection: For obvious reasons, do not leave your phone unattended. Always keep it password protected and try to change it often. These suggestions are not 100 percent fool-proof, but you can try to secure your device using security software. There are many different providers, so you should be able to find one that works well for you. 

4. Set Password Schedules: To make sure you remember to change and update your passwords on a regular basis, set a schedule with regular alerts to remind you to make changes. Also, don’t use the same password for everything. Chances are, if hackers do actually hack into your phone, they will try using those same details to hack into all of your accounts. 

5. Lock Your Phone: When you’re not using your phone, keep it locked at all times. Most phones have a timer that forces your phone to automatically lock when you stop using it for a certain period of time. Try and activate this from your phone’s display settings in the general settings section. 

6. Delete Unknown Text Messages: If you receive an unknown text message on your phone, be sure to delete it. If the text message contains a link, don’t click on it no matter what. Just get rid of the message altogether. Hackers are always creating new ways to get people to give them the information needed to hack your life and since almost everyone uses a smart phone device these days, they are attacking those more than you even realize. 

To learn more information about how you can protect your identity and keep your devices safe, please visit:

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