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Know about Modern Trends in Solar Energy Production


Solar panels otherwise commonly known as photovoltaic cells are devices that are necessary for converting solar energy into electricity. In the contemporary world, solar energy is used widely across the globe as people move to clean and renewable energies. The panels are used for commercial and residential purposes. The technology employed in the production of the solar panels has advanced considerably, and it is possible to produce solar energy equipment in Kansas City at low cost. The modern panels have a higher efficiency, and they are flexible in nature. There are different solar panel design and technologies. Here I am going to inform you about the modern technology. The best performers in power generation include multi-junction technology, thin film technology, and crystalline solar panels.

From a well-established solar firm in Kansas City, you can find a solar panel that will suit your requirements. The panels come in different sizes and wattage such as 12 V to 24 V.

Crystalline Solar Panels

These solar panels are made of silicon, and the arrangement of the silicon determines the category of the panel. There are two classes of crystalline solar panels, the polycrystalline, and monocrystalline.

- Mono-Crystalline Panels

This type of panels is considered one of the most efficient and they are widely used. The panel consists of single silicon coating, a square meter of the panel can generate 110- 220 W of electricity. Also, the lifespan of the panel ranges from 15-30 years. Therefore, you can enjoy the services for an extended period. The performance level remains unaffected by the prevalent condition, and it requires little maintenance. However, the cost of buying the panel can be quite expensive.

- Polycrystalline

It is a type of solar panel that is made of many crystals. The crystals are fused together to make a great device that can harness solar energy efficiently. A square meter of the panel can produce 120-130W of energy. It is the cheapest source of solar energy because the cost of producing a panel is lower when compared to other techniques. This type of panel requires little space, and it is useful on the roofs.

- Thin film solar panels

Thin film technology is a technique used in the production of small solar panels that allows incorporation into the buildings envelope. The technology has a higher efficiency when compared to the crystalline solar panels. The effectiveness of the panels is reduced when compared to crystalline. They can produce 60-70 W of electricity. It is ideal for use in the hot climatic conditions. You can buy this type of panel if you live in a place with adequate sunlight.

- Multi-Junction Solar Panels

The multi-junction solar panels are most efficient solar panels, and they can produce over 50% of energy when compared to other technologies. The model allows the panel to absorb maximum sunlight, and it is effective for 25-30 years.

Kansas City Solar energy is a non-polluting and renewable form of energy. Depending on your solar needs, search here to find the best options to meet those needs.

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