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Energy One Solar

Essential Tips to Saving Solar Energy at your Business

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In addition to choosing to go solar in Houston as a commercial establishment, it makes sense to take a few more measures to facilitate additional energy saving, hereby minimizing your impact on the environment as a business –


- Businesses today are investing in advanced lighting systems that those with motion detectors. These control lighting in relatively less occupied parts of the office such as the copy rooms and restrooms.

- If you have big windows in your office, take advantage of the daylight when possible. Turn on the lights when the sun goes down.

- Install reflectors and getting rid of your excess fluorescent lights.

- Paint your walls in a lighter shade. Darker walls require more power to generate the same amount of light.

- Make sure your light fittings are cleaned regularly. Accumulation of dirt and dust can affect the output of your lights, forcing you to turn on additional ones.


- Asses how long it takes for your office space to heat up or cool down. Try to time your thermostat in a way that it turns on shortly before your staff begins to arrive and about 30 minutes before they leave.

- Make sure that your ceilings and walls are well insulated so that the power generated by your Houston solar panels.

- Reduce heating in areas that do not need that much warmth. Your lesser occupied areas such as the store rooms or areas where physical work is performed may not need as much heating. Reduce heating on holidays, weekends and when the building is empty.

- Make sure your thermostat is set right and located correctly. Avoid putting them in draughty or especially warm or cold rooms.

- Avoid placing furniture in front of your radiators. This reduces performance.

- Turn off the pilots during the summer months and rely on intermittent ignition.

- Install locking covers so that your employees are not able to change the temperature at their own whim.

- Make sure you get professional maintenance checks done regularly to ensure the system is working at its optimum level.

Finally, with office equipment, you want to take all the necessary measures to minimize impact on the environment as a business. Use email instead of sending out faxes and memos. Do not buy copiers that are larger than your company’s requirements. Also, few people know that laptops use 90% less energy than desktops. Also only invest in IT equipment that can power down after a specific period of inactivity.

Mark, the author of this article is concerned about the environment. He explains that installing solar energy alone will not work in saving environment; we should also save solar in Houston. Read now!

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