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Jay Viradiya

Bluetooth Associated FootLogger- Fitness Tracker indicated by 3L Labs at CES 2014

Jay Viradiya
Fitness being the most important issue with humans- technology has already incur itself with health issues through various wearable gadgets that tend to monitor your health and guide you like a coach- without fees!

The 3L labs from Las Vegas has planned a device that will fit into your shoe to track your activities in order to measure everything from general development of activity up to eating methodology- baptized as FootLogger.

This gadget will work in co-ordination with Smart-Phone applications- through Bluetooth connectivity with a module stationed on the hardware and- Site of 3L labs that will use SMS networks to guide you. The data collected by FootLogger will be delivered to 3L labs at the end of the day for further framing through personal or algorithmic process that will help to Set Goals for each individual linked. Moreover it will also help to motivate for achievement of goals on daily basis.

The feed-back of data collected will be delivered to you or your health coach through SMS network or Smartphone application availed by 3L labs.

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