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David J. Mccool

What to Expect From a Professional Plumber

David J. Mccool
Hiring a plumber isn’t rocket science, provided you aren’t looking for one to fix a frozen pipe that burst at 4am in the morning. Rather than choosing the first plumber you find on Google, it makes sense to find one before you actually need him. You can call him for nonemergency repairs at regular work hours to make sure he’s worthy of the 4am phone call. Before you choose, here are a few tips to remember:

- Professional Plumbers in Washington Should be Licensed:

Washington State does not allow plumbers and apprentices to work without a state license. They are required to learn the Uniform Plumbing Code and take Continuing Education (CEU) classes. There are different types of licenses issued. For example, a trainee plumber must clock in the minimum required work hours to take up residential/commercial plumbing jobs.  The residential/commercial plumber has to renew his license every two years and meet all regulations. To find out if your plumber is licensed to undertake residential repairs, visit the State Labor and Industries website.

- A Professional Plumber is Insured:

Professional plumbers are insured under the Worker’s Compensation Act and carry liability insurance.  This protects you from paying compensation claims to the plumber and his staff during an injury. Liability insurance helps to claim for damages caused by the plumber during the repair.

- Most Plumbing Services are Guaranteed:

While one level of guarantee is about completing a job within the stipulated time, the other is about a guarantee/warranty period on the work.

- Emergency Services:

Most plumbers include emergency work as a part of their job profile, but some specialize only in emergency/after-work-hours services.

- A Professional Plumber is Clear about the Charges:

Ideally, professional plumbers are upfront about pricing and offer a rough estimate for ordinary services. This bill includes their service charge, (most charge an hourly rate) charges for parts, and trip charges. And if you have called him on for emergency services add extra charges for weekends and after-hours services.

- A Professional Plumber Cleans Up After Himself:

Plumbing jobs may leave your place in a mess with old parts and empty boxes to be taken care of. Some plumbers charge you for cleanup services, while others do it for free. Check with the plumber to know about how much they’ll cleanup.

Looking for a plumber isn’t different from finding other service professionals- ask around and remember to ask the right questions.

Author Bio : The Author manages a team of professional Yakima plumbers  and writes regularly about common plumbing issues
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