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Your Guide to Saving Energy at Home while on Solar Power


Choosing to switch to solar energy in Houston is a great way to minimize impact on our planet while also reducing your electricity bills. That said, opting for a more responsible energy source means that you need to continue to make smart choices about your power consumption at home all year round. Here are a few tips that will help you get the best benefit out of your solar investment –

- Make use of appliances in the middle of the day when your panels are generating maximum power. For instance, appliances such as your washing machine and dish washer can be operated in the afternoons as against in the evenings.

- Make sure that you clean your solar panels on a regular basis to get rid of any dust and dirt. The cleaner the surface of your panels, the more efficient they will be at power generation. This is because dust-free panels will have more direct access to the available sunlight. Feel free to get professional help for a comprehensive cleaning about once every year.

- On a regular basis run a check to make sure that your roof ventilators, chimneys, antennas and nearby trees are not casting any shade on your panels. Even a small amount of shade can have a direct impact on the performance efficiency of the panels. Get your trees trimmed regularly and your fixtures checked for damage or shift in positioning, especially after the rains or storms.

Optimizing Houston’s Solar Energy during the winters

While citizens of Houston are fortunate enough to not face harsh winters like many other parts of North America, you still want to take some basic measures that help you save power and money on your solar panels.

- Heating is considered to be the biggest energy guzzler in any household. By simply minimizing the space you heat, the duration you heat your home for and the temperature setting on your system, you can save significantly.

- Simply lower the thermostat by 1-degree C and you will reduce your energy consumption by 10%.

- Choosing to reduce the duration for which you heat your home by one hour can help you save as much as 90 hours of energy consumption every winter.

- To be able to optimize your solar panels, you want to make sure that your home is well insulated. R4+ ceilings, R2+walls and insulating window coverings can help you reduce your HVAC consumption.

Seal your cracks, install draught sealing tapes around your windows and doors and make use of door stoppers to make sure your energy doesn’t leave your home resulting in wastage.

Perhaps you have tried many things to save energy, but did you try solar panel installation? The author of this article explains how solar energy in Houston can save you dollars. Read now!

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