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5 Exercises for Back Pain


1. Yoga as an exercise back

Weak abdominal muscles and back pain causes . In getting rid of this pain effectively it helps to yoga because of all the asanas or exercises strengthen the back muscles and stretch circles. If you want to keep your back in good shape, start to practice before a problem occurs. Top enroll in a course of yoga.But when you do not have such a possibility, you might as well try a few simple exercises at home.

To exercise households should be prepared. Dress lightly. Attire should not hinder your movements. Spread on the floor next to two blankets and attitudes chair. If back pain is strong enough, do not do any exercise. To reduce the feeling, at the beginning you have to pull the spine well - it helps to restore proper alignment of the vertebrae. The home exercises for back pain it is important to stretch the front and back of the body. The best results by doing exercises several times a week. Yoga to help strengthen the back, relieve back pain , and also relaxes and calms internally. Please read therefore with some exercise. 
Here are a few examples of yoga postures :

1.1. pasas

This type of exercise back involves removing the trunk and turns. To execute it, crouch and place your heel on a blanket folded in eight. Merge feet. Put your left hand on the wall, and the right elbow lean below the left knee. Performing a breath of air, pull up. Exhale and follow the twists trunk. Try to feel the twist even in the lower back, and after a minute, change direction.

1.2. Bharadvajasana

This exercise for back pain requires a chair. Sit at the side of the chair so that its seat buttressed the greater part of the thigh. With both hands, grasp the chair. On the inhale pull your spine up, exhale perform twist the torso. After a minute exercise change the page.

1.3. Virasana

Back pain helps relieve exercise called virasana. To do them, you must kneel on the blanket, join together big toes and sit on your heels. Then expand the knee in such a way as to fit between body. Lean forward, lean his forehead on the blanket, and straighten arms. Pressing firmly into the buttocks heels, pull your hands as far as possible to the front.

1.4. Marichyasana

By performing this exercise can be overcome back pain. Sit with your legs straight on blankets spread. Then bend the left leg. Calf should be perpendicular to the floor. Toes, head to the front. On the inhale lean right elbow on the outside of the left thigh. Left hand lean on the wall. Pull and twist the trunk for at least a minute. Then repeat the exercise on the other side. Yoga may seem difficult, and asanas, which offers - may seem impossible to do or intensive practice. But it's not. Just a little desire to motivate yourself to exercise for back pain, and after a short time back problems may not disappear, but it will certainly be less cumbersome.


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