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David Rudduck

IT Support For Your Small Business: Here’s How To Do It Right

David Rudduck
Running a small business isn’t an easy task. For one, you have to wear too many hats. While sales, marketing and customer service may be easy to manage, technology isn’t something that everyone is adept at. The tech-savvy office staff can only do so much to help with the technical stuff. For problems that need real solutions, only a professional IT support company can help you out. If you are planning to outsource your IT needs, here are a few things to look for:

•    Choosing the right type of support:

IT support services offer different levels of support to cover a wide range of companies. Some of the popular offerings include- break and fix support (services are provided when a particular problem needs to be fixed), pay as you go support (rates are fixed on an hourly basis and charges applied according to the service availed), annual support (contract with fixed payment to cover issues all year round), etc. Sometimes, companies prefer a customized service suited to their needs. For example, a new client may have to update his firm on the technology aspect and has a list of things to do and build. But after the initial enthusiasm, they may need services on a need basis.

•    List out the activities that you need help with:

As earlier said, IT needs are different across businesses. Your first task would include making a list of the important activities that have to be handled. This could include running email setup for the entire staff, setting up a network system, updating system on anti-virus software, etc.

•    Listing out essentials like protecting against power outage:

The initial cost of buying battery backup devices, power strips, etc. may seem prohibitive, but the damage caused to electronic devices through a power outage and spikes can be permanent and devastating. Check with your IT support staff if he provides the equipment and offers maintenance.

•    Beware of services offering cheap shortcuts:

Illegal and pirated software may be cheap, but they can cause lasting damage to your devices. In fact, many companies aren’t aware that they are using illegal software. Beware of services that promise to buy you cheap software. Ask for purchase bills to ensure that the software is purchased through a reputed dealer and they include appropriate license agreements.

Author Bio : The Author of this article offers IT support in Gold Coast. He writes regularly about the IT support industry and offers advice to small and medium business owners.
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