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David Rudduck

Choosing The Right Computer Support Services Company

David Rudduck
SMEs cannot afford to maintain a full-fledged team for tech support. This job is usually left to the most tech-savvy person in the office. But, when the solution isn’t simple enough for the in-office genius to solve, you may have to consider hiring professional computer support services. Here’s how to ensure that you hire the right team:

- The level of support offered by the company:

A typical computer support company allows clients to choose service that’s best suited for them. Some of the common service types include- pay as you go support (paid on an hourly basis), break fix (charges vary according to the level of support required), annual support (fixed annual charges for a set of services), and complete support (includes support for parts that need fixing). You can either choose one of these or ask them to offer a customized solution that works best for the business.

- Response time:

Does the service provider promise to respond and solve issues within a time period? A guaranteed response time makes sense but beware of companies that promise to resolve issues within a stipulated time period. Technical problems are difficult to detect- companies that promise to solve with xx hours are probably exaggerating.

- Credentials:

IT technicians have to keep themselves updated about the latest changes in the industry. This includes obtaining certifications from industry sources like Microsoft, Apple, etc.

- Comfort level:

An ideal tech support engineer offers professional services, yet, he doesn’t intimidate clients with his geek talk. Explaining things in simple English creates a positive impression and confidence in the client.

- References:

Do they offer references of past clients? You don’t have to call up every client over the phone to double check facts, but a quick check over the phone should help.

- Cancelation clause:

If you are choosing an annual plan, does the company include a lock-in period wherein you are not allowed o cancel within the specific period?

- Dedicated support person:

While you cannot expect the same technician to attend to the issue always, you can request to speak to a dedicated accounts manager to handle all issues.

- What isn’t covered in your plan:

Your cover plan should include all major issues. And for those that are not included, this should be mentioned clearly or they’ll end up charging additional costs.

Author Bio :
The Author manages computer support in Gold Coast. He helps small and medium businesses stay updated on the latest technology.
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