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Todd Manning

Myth Busters: Who Says Only Online Students Cheat

Todd Manning
There’s a common misconception that academic dishonesty is rampant among online students. Some exaggerated claims conclude that around 75% of online students have cheated at least once during their course. But are cheating issues widespread only in the online learning platform, or is it prevalent across different formats. Here are some facts about the issue that are likely to surprise you:

- Cheating happens across all platforms- online and classroom based:

One research study found that while 32.1% of students admitted to cheating in a traditional classroom, 32.7% students admitted to cheating in an online class. The difference as you can see is marginal.

- Online courses are easier to cheat:

A common myth that prevails in the academic world is that it is relatively easier to cheat in an online course. You can always ask a friend or colleague to take a test for you. But they fail to take into account the fact that online students are usually mature adults who’re not in it always for the certificate. They’re in here to learn something new. Compare this to a situation in a live class where the aim is to gain a degree - the students are more likely to hand in assignments submitted by former students, or get someone else to complete their online lab exercises. In fact, traditional colleges have benefited from some of the rigorous assessment techniques that are supposed to tackle cheating in online classes.

- Cheating - limited to include students hiring take my online class for me services:

If you’ve ever sought help to complete your classroom homework, it is cheating. If you’ve completed assignments as a group, you’ve cheated. We’ve all indulged in these activities and yet it wasn’t deemed cheating. Ironically, these are ignored, but if you’ve asked someone to complete an assessment or thought- ‘can I pay someone to take my online class’, it amounts to cheating.

- Online students who cheat aren’t really serious about learning:

This is not true, as earlier discussed; mature adults form a bulk of the student population in an online platform. They’re serious enough to understand the importance of the course. If they end up hiring an expert at a take my online class service, it is only because the rigorous course schedule leaves them with little time to complete their assignments. It isn’t easy to stay awake every night trying to prepare for assessments or write detailed essays, and turn up for work the next morning.

Author Bio : The Author is an expert on online learning. He manages a ‘take my online class’ service and helps students complete their online degree.
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