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Jay Viradiya

Google Extends its Tech-Support to Google Glass for I-Phone Users

Jay Viradiya
An update to Mountain View Company’s -Google Glass is finally announced which will drive this head mounted device to KitKat version of Android.

Partial Intro to Google Glass

The past of technology is an evidence for applause to Mountain View Organization- Google, where its fabulous innovation is proved by its Google Glass product. Google Glass is an optical head-mounted display device that tends to connect to your Smartphone. It avails a kind of free hand set-up to Smartphones where this product communicates with web through natural voice command technology.
Termed as ‘Mechanized Hand Gear’- Google glass was originally designed to hold compatibility with Android devices where notifications, videos, and music would be retrieved right in the front of user’s eyes.

The Google glass is designed with durable frame consisting of adjustable nose-pads availing comfort fit to any face. The display quality of Google glass is equal to 23 inch high definition screen at a distance of 7 feet and its hardware is parked with camera- holding the strength of 5 MP lens enabling the video recordings and playbacks of 720p. Moreover its motherboard is anchored with connectivity units like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi- all powered by a battery that enables one day of validity after a full charge through Micro USB cable and charger.

It has storage capacity of 12 GB of usable memory with the company of additional 4 GB cloud storage. As far as compatibility for Android and iOS is concerned it is supported by 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher versions of android while iOS requires iOS 7 or later versions.

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