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Rupa Thakur

Simple ways to lead a stress free life

Rupa Thakur

 Everyone aspires to have a stress free life but it’s an undeniable fact that no matter how hard we try, it can’t be thrown completely out of our lives. But we must know how to deal with it or else it will destroy us and those who we share our lives with.

Here are a few things I try when I feel stressed out and they have worked for me so far. So, try them once and feel the results.

*Spend time with kids

Spending time with kids doesn’t mean supervising them. Just be with them, play with them and do all sort of things they are doing. Their innocence is enough to bring a smile on your face. Whenever kids have issues, they cry for a while and then they are back in action again. This is a thing we all must learn from them.

 *Listen to Music

It works as a healer. Listen to your favorite songs and you can even sing along. It may give stress to others but you will be relieved for sure.


Doesn’t matter whether you are good at it or not, just do it and you won’t regret it. If you belong to the first category, you will enjoy doing it and the stress will vanish gradually but even if you don’t, when people laugh at your paintings just join them and the results would be the same.


 It might sound stupid to some but trust me it’s not. A sound sleep can really do wonders. It refreshes you, both mentally and physically. My bed seems like heaven to me when things start going off the track in life.


Well, cooking is never on my list when I am stressed out but it really works for some. So, it might work for you too. It can help people divert their minds from the source of stress.

*Go to a peaceful place

Find a place for yourself which is close to nature. It’s even scientifically proven now that siting around trees or being close to nature does help in reducing stress and provides mental peace.


 Learn to share your feelings and problems with others at least with those, whom you consider loyal. If you are not lucky enough to have someone loyal beside or if you find yourself unable to share your issues with others then just pen them down. It will solve half of the problems of your life.

 Don’t complicate life, there are many who are facing worse than us. Try to bring smiles on others’ faces and eventually you will get back it too.





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