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Top Tips to Get More YouTube Views and Subscribers.


Discover How You Are Missing Out On Views

I've been uploading videos to YouTube now for over 4 years with great success. I was lucky enough to figure out what makes videos get lots of views, and ever since I started on YouTube I've had countless videos getting hundreds of thousands of views just from following a few basic steps.

In this article you will be learning a few tips and tricks that will help maximize the amount of YouTube views your videos get, and also how many likes, comments and favorites they receive. All these steps will help increase your subscribers as well, because if your videos get more views, and overall interactions, more people will end up clicking the subscribe button.

A lot of people try and add in words or special characters into their titles that they think will get their video more views. This simply isn't a sustainable option, as it can result in negative feedback on your videos due to people not finding what they wanted or YouTube removing your video. Some examples might be; using adult keywords in the title suggesting the video contains sexual content, saying the video is "official" or "exclusive" when in reality it isn't, adding in "HD" to the end of the title.

Have A Long Description

Descriptions are highly important to get right as well, because they provide the user with even more information about what your video content is. Without a properly optimized description, your video might just lose out on a whole bunch of views.

Your video description is only shown to users when they actually watch the video, and when they see the video come up in search results or in their feed on the homepage. It is therefore important to have the first few lines of the description of your video to be concise, informative and accurate. If you have a description that isn't accurate, then users will dislike your video and give bad comments, which will result in your video receiving less views in the long run.

The description of your video is also used by YouTube to determine where to place your videos in the search results, so having a description with more keywords in and a longer one will help achieve better rankings and therefore increase your YouTube views.

Video descriptions are useful for inserting links to various social networking sites you might be signed up on. Twitter and Facebook are great, as people can click the links and follow you for updates if they don't have a YouTube account. People might also see an update from you on Twitter or Facebook and not on YouTube, so it is a good idea to use these links as they can bring in a nice flow of views.

It is called a description for a reason; it is meant to describe the video.

Proper Tags/Keywords

Many people overlook tags when it comes to uploading their videos, which could be one reason why so many people find it difficult to get more views on their YouTube views.

Some people try adding in either too little tags, or way too many and too many that are unrelated and are just added in to try and get more views. Adding in tags that are unrelated to your video will not help you get more views, because the tags won't match up with your video title or description. Ensure you add as many acceptable tags that are accurate and related in some way to your video.

You can use the keyword tool that is on YouTube's website to give you ideas of tags and keywords for you to target. You can also just look at the tags that YouTube recommends when you are typing them in during the uploading process.

Don't use only single words, make sure you mix up single words and phrases. For example, "how to cook steak, how to, cooking steak, steak, cook steak".

Use A Good Thumbnail

Thumbnails can also make a big difference in the amount of views your videos get on YouTube. Many people don't even bother to change their thumbnail when uploading a video, which is not recommended at all because you could end up with an awful thumbnail.

When uploading a video to YouTube you can choose between a variety of different snapshots taken from random points within your video. Sometimes one of these thumbnails are great to use and they show what your video is about and is related to the content, however sometimes you can only choose from a bunch of useless thumbnails. When this is the case, it might be a good idea to upload a custom thumbnail.

If you are planning on uploading a custom thumbnail, be sure to stick to the rules outlined previously. Don't make the thumbnail inaccurate or totally unrelated. People sometimes make the thumbnail a picture of a hot girl, which will end up in your video getting disliked and getting load of bad comments, which will result in your video getting placed further down in search results.

The thumbnail image of your video is what a lot of people look at when searching for videos, so make sure when you are choosing a picture to use that is highly related to your video content as much as possible, and will get the user interested in watching the video. For example, if i made a video that was of a car crash, you would want the thumbnail to be of the actual crash, and not of the car just driving along normally.

Make sure that the quality of what's actually in the video is good as well. Try and make your videos informative and concise. People don't like having to watch something for 10 minutes when they could have got the same information from another video in 1 minute. Try and reduce camera shaking and overly loud audio. Basic things will help satisfy viewers, and make it more likely they will watch more of your videos and share them around on social networking sites, thus increasing your video views.

Get Involved In The Community

People who start out on YouTube without ever making contact with another YouTuber are bound to fail. If you take a look at any of the well known YouTubers that have millions of subscribers and views, you will see they have done collaborations with many different YouTubers and they all promote each others channels now and again. This is because it is highly effective at getting more views, likes, favorites, comments and subscribers!

YouTube channels have the option to add featured channels as well, which is where you can place a link to other YouTubers channels. This can be very powerful if you link to other channels and get them to link back to you, because the subscribers and viewers from other peoples channels will come and find your channel! These people can end up subscribing to your channel and sharing your channel around with their friends and family, increasing your views and subscribers even more. This is known as the multiplier effect, where one view can lead to another view, and another and so on.

It can be as simple as just going around other videos and commenting on them in order to get other YouTubers to notice you and find your channel. It is also a fantastic idea to make use of the YouTube friends feature, where you can connect with other YouTube channels by becoming a "friend" with them.

YouTube Friends sort of act like subscribers as they can get your videos more views. All you need to do is try and add as many people on YouTube as you can as a friend. If you make it a habit where you add every channel you visit, you will eventually build up a big contact list. Once you have a big list of friends, you can use the list to promote new videos to just like you do with subscribers, leading to more views on your videos!

Gaining Thousands Of Views Overnight

Now I just want to end the article by saying that the steps I've listed above do genuinely work, and if you stick with them you will see your videos gaining thousands more views. However, there is one big issue with all of them; time and effort. Although the above methods are effective, they require you to put in time and effort that many people do not have. The results can take months or even years to achieve, and although it is worth it, do you really want to sit around and wait for that long?

There is one shortcut that you can take that doesn't require you to wait weeks, months and years for results, and that is to simply buy YouTube views. It might sound stupid or a massive waste of money, however there can be many benefits if you buy the views instead of trying to get them naturally on your own. I used to have 95% of my videos never receiving a decent amount of views, and it took me hours and hours to make more videos to try and get one to become a success. In the end I just ended up Googling "buy youtube views" and came across IncreaseViews.Video There are loads of other sites offer the same as what does, however I have found these guys to be the most reliable and most effective. They've spent years building up a global network of YouTube fans always eager to check out something new and cool on YouTube.

On their site they explain how boosting YouTube views through global promotion to thousands or possibly millions of potential viewers can benefit many people, and I recommend you check it all out.

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