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Rupa Thakur

Are you irresistible? Let's find out what it takes to become one

Rupa Thakur

Have you ever wondered why some people in our lives can be easily labeled as irresistible? Let's admit it that we all do have someone or some people around us who are damn special, undeniable and irreplaceable. You can definitely add a lot more adjectives for describing those wonderful people who deserve each letter of those words.

Being irresistible requires combo of many qualities. Let’s see how many of them we are able to cover up here.

*A pretty face

There isn’t anything bad in accepting that a pretty face is capable of turning many heads and it is a thing which never goes unnoticed. Initially people do get attracted to such people who are having good physical appearance but this attraction may live short if they aren’t complimented with other traits.

*Caring nature

Of course, how can we keep ourselves from loving those who in this fake world genuinely cares and wishes for our well-being? No, we can’t (we are humans, for God’s sake!!). The thing which pumps blood in all parts of our body can never resist them.

*A beautiful smile

Smile is the best make up a girl or a boy can ever wear. It’s a kind of a medicine that has the capability of healing the wounds, doesn’t matter how deep they are, without any side effects. People who smile often are adored and loved by everyone as they make others feel comfortable with them in a very short time. So, boys and girls keep flashing those beautiful smiles of yours.


It's a quality all of us would like to have in the people we are surrounded with. Expressing our feelings to others through words is undoubtedly appreciated but isn’t necessary. The feelings which we express through our actions speak louder than any of the words in the world's best dictionaries.


We can't give what we don’t have. Only those people are able to build confidence in us who has it within themselves. Hence, it’s a moot point to discuss why people prefer those who are confident over others.


It’s a quality which is very rare but once you find a person who is truly loyal to you and believes in you no matter what, you can’t ever let them go.

This list can go on and on and it’s seems very hard to believe that a person having all these qualities can really exist out of our fantasy world. If you’re having even a single person of such kind in your life, you have every right to proudly declare yourself to be one of the luckiest people the world has even seen.  

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