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Ranjeet Singh

Do you want crowd helping before funding and want to minimize project risk. If yes then Hashtaag is an ultimate destination for you.

Ranjeet Singh CEO and Founder at
What is hashtaag?

1)Build your project like kickstarter on hashtaag
2) Leverage wisdom of backers to overcome your project obstacles and minimise risk (you make facebook like status updates of the obstacles you are facing: they can be anything)
3)Build a tribe of early customers/ adopters/ evangelists
4) Get closer to funding (by crowds or by VC's, Angels)

Who can create a project on hashtaag?
Startups and Creative Ideators. Innovators. Product designers and anyone with an idea!

What is a project?
See Kickstarter, that’s what a project is like on hashtaag!

1)A startup, creative idea, anything that you'd like to create an impact with
2)To build an engaging story: a video does the best trick OR a slideshare ppt
3)You can build multiple projects at hashtaag

Why Crowd Helping Before Funding?
A startup/ creative project which has diligently leveraged wisdom of crowds to overcome its business risks, will that be worth your dollars?


A startup/ project with just an idea and a great explanor video?

About hashtaag ( – the company
An Intel & UC Berkeley accelerated startup. Hashtaag was chosen amongst 14 global startups by the t2ma (technology to market accelerator) by Intel & UC Berkeley in 2013. We got a chance to pitch in Silicon Valley, which got us massive feedback. Out of 24 teams over 6 weeks of intense accelerator, 14 were chosen and hashtaag was one of them.


We are here under the name: Collisionable Networks Pvt. Ltd.

Early on in the adventure, Mr. Rahul Gupta, (Linkedin) supported the venture with ‘trust money as we like to call it. We are currently talking to some brilliant investors to raise seed money, to strengthen technology and grow.

How has the journey been?
We started at a coffee shop in New Delhi and we have gone through some real lows and highs. What has kept us together is the vision which we are all inspired by. The vision of solving world’s problems by design and entrepreneurship.

Launch details:
Public Beta: January 24th 2014
Contact details:
Paritosh Sharma, founder, hashtaag
twitter: @hashtaagdotcom/ @paritoshsharma
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