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Stryker in Kalamazoo

I worked at Stryker Instruments for a couple of years.  Went well for nearly 3 years then the management went nuts.

I hired in in 2010 and left in 2013.  They have the holy Gallup test in which one can find all of the best responses on line btw.  When I started there were over 300 new employees in 2010 and now pretty much everyone I came in with are gone plus some.

You will here of the "Promise Land".  This is the Stryker promise to pay your kids college tuition if you live within certain boundaries (aka The Promise Land).  Not all its cracked up to be just to get free college!

The salaries are ok if you are good at negotiating.  I started out as a senior project manager in 2010 at $ 97,394 plus the annual 10% bonus.  I drove an hour a day to get this but found it was not worth it.

Automotive pay as much or more and you will not have to deal with politics or the FDA which once you experience it you will hate it.

Hope this helps.

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