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Honora Williams

What to Include in a Home First Aid Kit

Honora Williams
Life is unpredictable, we never know when we would face the danger that effects our physical well-being. Despite the fact that it is impossible to avoid these scenarios yet we can be prepared to face them properly. Every home should have a first aid kit with proper first aid contents and the family members should be aware of what is in the kit and make sure that it is easily accessible.

Usually people go for purchasing a first aid kit while some may prefer to collect all the essential items like bandages, scissors, tweezers, first aid tape, antiseptic ointments and consolidate them together into their own custom made kit. Some people think they may save money by doing this. The reality is that you most likely will not save money and the kit you have designed will not be anywhere near the quality needed to respond in a timely manner in an emergency.

Having a first aid kit with you does not mean that you are waiting for an accident to happen. Accidents are a reality in life, so whether we like it or not, it is always best to be ready. Don't make size of the kit a priority; it can be large or small, but should always have crucial first aid items.

Basic items that should be included in a home first aid kit.

* Bandages – It is mandatory which should be included in the kit. Make sure that to include bandaged of all sizes because you will definitely go through a lot of bandages while your children are young. Snake bandages are particularly useful for regions where snakes are high in numbers.

*Large Gauze Bandages – These are required when there is an occurrence of wounds that may happen with a fall.

* Medicines – Add your own medicines in that your doctor has recommended.

*Antiseptic wipes – these should be included to wipe the wound in order to remove dust particles. This is essential because if not dust is not removed it may lead to serious infection.

A final necessary item that should be included in your home first aid kit is a first aid instruction booklet. First aid guides are inexpensive and can be purchased online. Don't rely on your memory or your education to use your first aid kit properly. Emergency situations can be stressful and emotionally intense causing you to panic. You may not be able to think clearly and remember first aid procedures you have learned in the past. First aid guides will give easy instructions to whoever is using the kit.

There are lots of first aid kits available online but before going to purchase make sure to investigate what is there within the kit. WHS offer a top quality water resistant home first aid kit which has double stitched handles and durable strong zips; it also has QR codes that makes it easy for you to scan and link with a restock portal to ensure compliance. This is Australia’s most popular first aid kit.

Finally, If you don't have a first aid kit at home then make it a point to get one as soon as possible. For now it may seem an unnecessary requirement but it makes all the difference when you do discover the need for it. Don't risk your own or your family's well-being and health with something that can be easily rectified. Having a first aid kit to hand at all times should be standard practice in every home.
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