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Efrain Rivas

Protect Your Car from Rust with Auto Undercoating

Efrain Rivas

Rust is a common menace for every car and something which is unavoidable if proper protection is not taken in time. While on road, your car will obviously come into contact with water, ice or salt which together with oxygen in the air spell disaster for the car’s metal body. This is where auto undercoating comes in. Car undercoating forms a thick coat on the car’s body which removes the rust and prevents the further corroding effect of water, ice or salt, when the car is out on road.

Types of Undercoating

Water & Paraffin-Based Ones

The water-based ones form thin coats that dry up much quickly are really popular among car owners. The paraffin ones come with wax coatings which assure stronger coats over water-based ones.

Petroleum & Rubber-Based Options

The petroleum-based options are manufactured from oil & carry stronger deflective capacity for the road salts & grime. The rubber-based options are especially good when you have to take your car to the rough terrains.

Asphalt-Based Undercoats

These undercoats are used on the all-terrain & military vehicles. Mostly meant for vehicles deployed on heavy & rigorous road use, the asphalt option assures the strongest lasting.

How to Apply auto undercoating On Your Car

Things needed:

- Grinder
- Degreaser
- Primer
- Metal sandpaper
- Paint
- Undercoating

1st Step- Clean Thoroughly

First of all, you would have to clean up the whole underside of your car degreaser. Then, take the grinder to remove all the rust spots & wipe the dust away. Sand down the smaller rust-affected areas with your metal sandpaper.

2nd Step- Painting & Priming

Now, you will have to prime up the cleaned spots with primer & then leave it for a while till the primer dries. Then, you will cover up the areas with dark black auto paint & allow it some time for a good dry.

Final Step- Undercoating

When the paint has dried completely, you would have to come up with the auto undercoating spray. In most of the cases, you might need a paintbrush to apply the undercoat. Be generous with the application and make sure to cover all the parts of your car’s underside that are exposed to road. There must be minimum 1 hour of gap before you put on your thick second coat. The second coat should e left for overnight for a complete dry before you start the engine once again.

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