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Efrain Rivas

Why is it good to Invest in Rust Proof Car Wax?

Efrain Rivas

Your car is one of your most treasured assets and you are definitely looking forward to relish a lengthy ride with it. But, you must know that a lot of cars succumb to untimely decay due to the careless attitude of their owners towards rust and corrosion. Rust is simply evil for the cars & your car is susceptible to corrosion every time its metal body comes into contact with dirt, ice, salt or water on the road. While you can’t prevent the contact, you can definitely do something to prevent the rust formation on your car. You have rust proof wax sprays these days to help you out.

The wax spray helps to prevent rust on your car inside-out. It inserts wax into vehicle cavities, nooks & crannies, located inside the hood, doors, fenders, trunk frame, rocker panels and quarter panels. In simple words, rust proof wax creates a good sacrificial layer right on top of paint coat on your car body & around the cavities – which implies that all the contaminants have to face the wax first before these could attack the paint & the metal body itself. It creates a barrier that deflects the corrosive elements from harming the car. No wonder, some of the smart car owners consider the rust proof spray as something like their best buddy when it comes to car maintenance & protection.

It should be noted here that the car rust proof sprays have been long in the market but the traditional products were not wax-based. Some of the earliest undercoating products were manufactured from asphalt or chicken fat. Then, there were rust preventive sprays made from tar & tar-like compounds. But when it comes to performance and safety, the modern wax-based sprays seem to be the best and a far superior choice.

On one hand, the asphalt-made ones were corrosive themselves given their high sulfur content- on the other hand, the tar-based ones could not do much to prevent rusting on cars. Such coatings eventually chipped & broke away over time, trapping water in between which ultimately led to rust & corrosion in a big way. But there is no such issue with the wax-based ones and these are self-healing products. They never get too hard on the car body which allows the rustproofing material to flow evenly over the body & reseal it properly.

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