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Rahul Gupta

A girl gang-raped BY 13 MEN in Bengal on the orders of Village PanchayaT and entire village watched. ITS SHAMEFUL THAT AFTER DELHI RAPE CASE, GIRLS ARE STILL BEING TREATED WITH SUCH KIND OF INSANITY!

Rahul Gupta Business
The 20-year-old woman in Birbhum, 180 km from the state capital of Kolkata was gang-raped by 13 men on the orders of village elders as punishment for having a relationship with a man from a different community. ‘People from the village, men my father’s age, and those who I knew as neighbours, as uncles and brothers raped me,’ she told police. The woman said that the council in Subalpur village ordered her to pay a fine for having an affair with the man.When her family said they were too poor to pay, the council allegedly ordered the gang-rape.The woman’s mother said that ‘the crime was committed by our own people, they tortured my daughter and dumped her home late at night. We were threatened not to go to police.’The horrific incident has made headlines across the world - from The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Guardian and on CNN, BBC and PBS.
What has Mamta Benarjee thought of protecting women in west bengal is creating a dark spot on reputation of her governance. WHY DONT SHE STEP UP AND TAKE BRISK STEPS AGAINST THIS VIOLENCE?
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