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Deepak Sagar

The nutritional benefits of cheese

Deepak Sagar
Many people are looking for food that contributes to health and wellness, some also are monitoring food labels to avoid consuming certain ingredients. Among the three most scrutinized items on food labels, sodium (surpassed only by calories and sugar) has come under fire in recent years, with more than half of customers expressing concern of too much sodium in their diets.Research shows people can detect as little as a 10% difference in the amount of salt in cheese. By reducing the variability of sodium, manufacturers can not only lower the average amount of sodium but also increase customer satisfaction.As a result, the task force identified a need to directly and rapidly measure sodium, especially in the presence of salt replacers like potassium chloride. The assay most often used in the industry actually uses the chloride measurement to determine sodium content through calculation. However, this assay cannot be applied when salt substitutes like potassium chloride are used.Another common method for sodium measurement, inductively coupled plasma (ICP) spectroscopy, can directly measure sodium but is not a rapid test, meaning it does not allow for adjustments during the cheese making process. In reality, cheese is a nutritious choice that can fit easily into most diets. As an industry, we must do more to show people how cheese can be part of a lifetime of goodness by emphasizing .The No. 2 source of calcium in the diet, second only to milk. A recommended food in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. A source of phosphorus, vitamin A, zinc and — when fortified — vitamin D. A dairy-friendly option for those with lactose intolerance. A convenient, portable and versatile food that can be incorporated easily into an active, healthy lifestyle. 
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