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Saurabh Verma

A New Study Found by NASA Scientist "Bacteria in space" some international space station is corrupted with germs.

Saurabh Verma Quality assurance analyst in coca cola company
As we all know Microbes(viruses, bacteria,fungi and protozoa) are everywhere they produces in multiple numbers.  in the same way a new study is founded by NASA scientist according to them some international space station is filled with Germs. but the unbelievable thing is these bacteria associated with human skin- are thriving in the station, about 248 miles above the Earth.

Actually this is not necessarily bad thing. A more level- headed microbiological newspaper under editorship would have tweaked the headline to read infect by this news microbiologist not surprised that the international space station is filled with microorganisms.

All the bacteria which is founded in space are germs but they are not associated with any dangerous disease they are essential to life on earth, driving nutrient cycle and preventing elements and nutrients from being permanently locked up and unavailable. this is universal truth that without Bacteria the earth would not properly function.

it has been cleared that no microbiologist would be surprised or alarmed to hear that NASA has found the ISS to be filled with microbes. it is an enclosed unit, it has oxygen and it is filled with people who are shedding skin and bacteria  

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